CEO with Down syndrome runs successful cookie company and helps people with disabilities get jobs


Collette Divitto created her own cookie company when she was in her 20s. And if being a successful business owner at such a young age isn’t impressive enough, Divitto also created a nonprofit that helps people with disabilities start their careers. Caitlin O’Kane has more with The Uplift.

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Responses (20)

  1. Thanks for her story. She is inspiring.

  2. Now I am craving chocolate chip cookies
    🍪 🍪 🍪 😌

  3. Now this IS a happy story…

  4. Finally a good story 👍🏻


  6. Please more stories like this. And yes I just ordered cookies. An amazing determined woman.

  7. People with Down Syndrome never complain about ANYTHING, the extra chromosome makes them better humans than most.

  8. You know her mom does the job and wants people to think that it's her daughter. Lol

  9. "Pizzability"in Denver is a brilliant asset to our community..

  10. Where can we buy them?

  11. That's nothing. We have a senile old man with Alzheimer's running the country.

  12. Inspirational ✨❤️✨

  13. "Aloha Friday First there was "Famous Amos" now "Fabulous Collettes"!

  14. Shout out to George Floyd on 599 days of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals!

  15. Even this waterhead says… Let’s go Brandon! I agree!

  16. Wow what a great story collette is a great role model for everyone

  17. I was surprised by this. Good on her and the people she's helping to find work. 👏🏾

  18. Liberals love to abort babies with downs syndrome. Scandinavia and Iceland have about 98% abortion rate for babies with DS. The Holocaust of the unborn continues. This person is a blessing and reminder that everyone can contribute to society despite their medical challenges

  19. Thats the way to do it create your own job.