Chinese 'agent' has been 'active' in UK Parliament – MI5


The Intelligence Services have warned MPs that a Chinese government agent has been working in Parliament.

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Responses (45)

  1. Every citizen should b or must b a spy to show/prove his/her patriotism.😎
    New logic 😌😁

  2. Absolutely nothing but fraud except this story, by rodents

  3. Don’t worry about the Chinese spy’s in parliament worry’s about the Russian spy’s in parliament 😉

  4. Did he bring his own booze and cheese?

  5. Guilty until proven innocent? Surely Ms Lee has the right to a trial if she has broken the law: if there is insufficient evidence for a prosecution then her presumed innocence should not have been denied her. This is a sad day for the British legal system.

  6. MI5 taking some of the heat off of Johnson ? The timing of their revelation seems helpfully opportune for our hapless Prime Minister.

  7. She reminds of that companion of Winnie the Pooh , what was the name of that little piggie friend of his ? .

  8. Long live the new global leaders: China and Russia big time!!

  9. Meanwhile, everyone is highly offended and focused on a gathering at no.10 during lockdown….

  10. Every thing we buy is made in China.From the bottom up from fridge magnets to laptops,iPads and electric cars.Mr Dyson said he was off to Singapore to build a electric car only to return saying he could not do it.What are we up against?A Chinese manufacturing car company only 5 years old is making and selling a top suv electric car to Europe.
    The Chinese government is running rings round us.Critics of human rights abuses in China fail to remind the British of the now tortured victim Julian Assange exposed the USA for the helicopter gun ship shooting at civilians.The weddings in Afghanistan were guests were killed by USA air strikes.Hypocrites the British the west.Millions open their amazon box and take out their made in China items.
    The British go to countries to sell arms the Chinese go to countries with sacks of money offering new roads or train even shipping ports.See what China is doing in Pakistan.

  11. Her law firm, Christine Lee & Co Solicitors, is the Legal Advisor to the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the UK and Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Belfast according to their website. It would seem rather counter intuitive to send a "Chinese Agent" to another country, and then have them openly working for the Chinese Embassy…

  12. Distraction 101 – Tories in deep poo so let's create a smokescreen.

  13. I'm sure she works in a chippy near me

  14. China has definitely planted a mole by the name of Johnson to mess up UK democracy!! China has also employed Prince Andrew to ruin the reputation of the Royalty! How disgusting!

  15. Code name penfold

  16. its really amazing love from japan 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  17. wonder where covid came from

  18. She was not a Spy and was not engaged in any criminal activity. She is a Chinese National promoting Chinas best interests, standard politics, nothing unusual at all, all countries do that. This is just a cynical distraction from the parties.

  19. Squirrel! Now tell us who was at the garden party and WHY they weren't worried about catching Covid-19?

  20. Amazing how it's always the Labour Party that gets caught with enemies of this country. Corbyn with terrorists & now Barry Gardiner pocketing nearly half a million quid. Just imagine if any Tory had been found doing the same……………

  21. Boris is the agent

  22. We cares diverse tactics.
    Get the job done Boris Johnson must reign.

  23. Just like all the terrorists acting with impunity in the UK. The powers that be just let anyone in.

  24. How convenient! Perfect timing. I bet Boris and Prince Andrew is relieved that the media has found something to draw attention away from them. What about all the Russian connections with the Tory party. One Russian is sitting in our House of Lords!

  25. Labour in bed with commies? Who'd have thought it eh?

  26. What about the Woke Reset spies. Not just in Parliament but in the media…Your channel is one of them.

  27. And the Russian report still has not been made public!

  28. china even had a secret military base in saudi arabia that the US neer knew about they have military now in Acrtic atlantic and still doing genocide across Tibet, Africa and China they woiill kill us all made in china has killed us

  29. Yeah it's the Prime Minister 🤣😂

  30. So Barry gardiner a labour mp is colluding with a commie who would have thought it !?

  31. Can I order a 55 and a 33 please?

  32. This pops up now and Boris just happens to be isolating . It's so scripted it's like a comedy .

  33. Holy holy Batman. Was he at parties ?!!

  34. All she wants to know is how to make the best fish n chips ….

  35. So how do we deal with this ? Imprisonment for 50years , diana type death or call the Russians to go site seeing for church steeples again 😂

  36. This is funding the perverts talking about net zero

  37. Boris us the real spy😂😂😂😂.

  38. Its not 2000 anymore stop lying and doing useless propaganda. We have 🤡 in office

  39. who funded Boris Johnson X Mas party then? us? LOL

  40. What a timely distraction from the Boris predicament!

    Barry Gardiner is a cracking MP. He has been liaising with MI5 for years. So he is clean.

  41. What about Israel , they have been funding and interfering with our "honourable" members for years !!!

  42. Now the world knows who was the one spreading Malicious hateful Fake News toward innocent Chinese people…Queen Elizabeth herself…But for the Reason, only Prince Andrew can appreciate…