Chinese 'agent' in UK PARLIAMENT – MI5 warns


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UK Parliament was hit by a major security alert today as spooks warned MPs that a Labour donor with links to a former minister was a Chinese spy.

Christine Lee, 58, has been monitored by the security services for some time, parliamentarians were told in a bombshell email this afternoon.

She has donated more than £500,000 to Jeremy Corbyn ally Barry Gardiner, with her son, Daniel Wilkes, working in his office.

Mr Gardiner confirmed he had resigned today, meaning he has had privileged access to the Parliamentary estate with a staff pass. There is no suggestion he was involved in his mother’s activities.

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Responses (22)

  1. David Nichol

    If she is an agent of the Chinese government ? Why was this not picked up before. Look at the very large donation. And the length of time this was given over.

  2. Fred Kerman

    But all country's have spook in each others country

  3. Knee Deacon

    Totally agreed

  4. Not surprise, but why no one care? the whole world are facing the same problem. Do you know CCP spy agents almost every where in Canada? Almost all big city already fall in CCP trap to join CCP city as sister city relationship. CCP spy agents control all local media network. Almost 90% Chinese media is belong to CCP group. CCP using those media as a weapon brain wash local Chinese to support and follow their value. CCP value is love China CCP to against western value.

  5. Steve L

    Guilty until proven innocent? Surely Ms Lee has the right to a trial if she has broken the law: if there is insufficient evidence for a prosecution then her presumed innocence should not have been denied her. This is a sad day for the British legal system.

  6. Operation Goldfish

    Oh dear! Boris is in trouble again, wheel out the distraction! Why don't they just give her a peerage like they did for the Russian spies who helped finance this rotten government?

  7. Singlend Hot

    The best way for us to stop this is to stop buying Chinese owned brands like Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Hoover, MG, Volvo, Hisense, Haier, TCL etc.

    The next best way is to deport all known Chinese Communist Party members under national security grounds. Write to your MP to act while we still can!

  8. Dave Bellamy

    Herro. I'm Bolis Johnson.

  9. Wusong Liao

    Uk is a 2nd rate power nowadays. China really doesn't need anything from uk. It is a very racist attacking on the british chinese wtf..if u don't hate china, you are a spy..

  10. Mike Hutchison

    What a brave lady………imagine offering money to bribe Tory politicians………..she could get killed in the rush.

  11. Harold Cicero

    What about the Iranian, Saudi, German, French, Pakistani, American and Russian spies that pretend to be politicians?

  12. Joe Shmoe

    Makes a nice change from those pesky Russian hackers; this wouldn’t fool inspector Clouseau,🤣

  13. Robin Holt

    She's not a spy she is Johnsons adviser

  14. Proud Wumao

    You have been doing that so well for long
    Why China can not do the same?
    You are dictator

  15. Davie Dodds

    She should be arrested on the grounds of treason & tortured to divulge all of her contacts, then the contacts should be arrested & tortured for the crack. Lol Treason is treason.

  16. Lazy Warrior

    you do realise you all trusted the CCP enough to whack some GM’d synthetic s@ike @rotein packages in ya, ones which were built on their philanthropically shared ‘model’ ? ouch.

  17. Lazy Warrior

    now tell us all about the global deals which were struck when Margaret Chan was running the WHO

  18. Daniel M Connolly


  19. Carl Fenwick

    Taking money from the Chinese Government shows terrible judgement on Barry Gardner's behalf and he should resign immediately.

  20. Margot E

    Funny she targeted Labour MP and liberal democrat. Barry Gardiner said the money she gave paid for researchers. It would be easy to put forward Chinese researcher in the name of diversity.

  21. Fred Collins

    Shock horror extreme left wing labour MP's working with communist spies.

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