Complete skeleton of an ichthyosaurs found in the UK


An ichthyosaurs skeleton, which dates back around 180 million years, is the largest and most complete of its kind ever found in Britain.

The find has been described by experts as “one of the greatest finds in British palaeontological history”.

Becky Johnson reports from the warehouse in Telford where the remains are being held.

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Responses (34)

  1. Jose Plascencia 𝕕𝕖 𝕋𝕚𝕛𝕦𝕒𝕟𝕒

    Could that be Leviathan?? 🤔

  2. Darren Willis



    Sounds like a dinosaur with flees 😂😂

  4. Dan The car guy

    Some say it was the stigs first pet

  5. James Waters

    A brilliant discovery that barely anyone is going to acknowledge because apparently a politicians covid party is more important than finding a dinosaur and learning more about the planet on which we live. Great success

  6. Eighteen Bull

    Sea levels much higher so nothing new ! why is so much coal and oil under ground much more carbon dioxide in the air then but the world survived

  7. 180 million years, not forgetting the additional "one".

  8. Gerard Toner

    They murdered that poor innocent creature not wearing masks

  9. Slap-moore Cheeks

    Has it been tested for covid??

  10. AymanIsNotReal


  11. Excavating this thing must be so nerve wracking. Not wanting to be 'that guy's who dropped the skull 🤣

  12. SMTV ENT


  13. Mr. Be.


  14. Desi UK Vlogs

    Uk will find more incredible things in coming days,it’s my prediction

  15. Ackza𒀖

    with all the fake news and fake chinese dinosaur skelatons, i wonder if corrupt birtish climate change politicians wouldnt just bury some fake skelatons and use un trained archeologists who wont ask questions to "excavate it" and use it to get more government funds and to promote climate change agenda lololoo haha, send us all a sample if its real!

  16. Lucky the Lemur

    Don't be ignorant like some of these commenters, learn more:

  17. Awaken2TheTruth

    Yeah, ok. I’ll put that down with carbon dating! 😂

  18. steve dawg

    Quite close to where they found the Scratchysaurus i heard. DOH!

  19. Desk Dragon

    Professional liars.

  20. Bob Marley

    But wut it taste like?

  21. Lucky the Lemur

    Dr. Dean Lomax is one of the few autodidact paleontologists and doctoral degree recipients who didn't go to undergraduate. Usually doesn't happen in modern times.

  22. Dissonantia Cognitiva

    They had to spoil the article with climate change BS
    Kudos Sky, kudos, your partnership with the behavioural insights team to nudge people on climate change is really transpiring in such reports

  23. MrMadManc2 .

    Utter garbage

  24. Mudskipper 007

    More importantly did it test positive for Covid…🤣🤣🤣

  25. Laura Walker

    I'd love to go back in time and see what the world looked like at different times. From a safe place of course, but it would be so interesting to see. Humans have ruined the beauty of this planet

  26. Imperator Vespasian

    so looking at these bones tells us about man made climate change? I didn't know that humans were causing a second Mega Asteroid, or a new Central Atlantic magmatic province? ok, missed that at COP21, if only dinosaurs had stopped using coal power stations and plastic bags they would still be alive today.

  27. Just Jo

    Funny how everyone believes in “giant reptiles” but are quick to dismiss the evidence of giant humans….hiding creation in the name of “science”

  28. There's loads of fossils in the government and house of Lords.

  29. kingkong0581

    He’s on about climate change already

  30. Thats gotta be a baby killer whale skull surely.

  31. paul callaghan

    Yes, but did it have a mask on?

  32. Get it right! 182 Million. Not 181 Million years ago

  33. Son Of Africa

    So the loch Ness monster is real?

  34. Mike Cahill

    Great find . Does anybody else notice how every news report has to shoehorn a reference to climate change🤔