Complete TradingView Tutorial – 2021 Edition


Trading View tutorial covering everything you need to know to use TradingView in 2021 (for beginners)

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[00:00] – Intro – [00:00]
[00:47] – How to start using TradingView]
[02:01] – How to setup a TradingView account
[04:55] – How to change the chart settings
[07:34] – How to read the current market price
[08:14] – How to use market watchlists
[10:10] – How to change time frame & zoom in / out
[11:18] – How to arrange the charts on-screen
[11:58] – How to scroll back on a chart & sync time on multiple charts
[12:45] – How to use the drawing tools & configure settings
[17:15] – How to use the ruler tool
[18:14] – How to add indicators to a chart
[19:46] – How to use indicator templates
[20:58] – How to take chart screenshots
[21:47] – How to view different markets
[22:54] – How to arrange TradingView over multiple screens]
[23:09] – How to connect your broker account
[23:56] – TradingView Paper Trading account
[24:38] – How to open a trade
[26:24] – How to view open & pending trades
[27:13] – How to add a take profit / stop loss level
[28:05] – How to close a trade
[28:44] – How to view past trades
[29:10] – How to add & monitor market alerts
[31:10] – How to edit market alerts
[31:41] – Sidebar – News tab
[32:05] – Sidebar – Data Window
[32:23] – Sidebar – Hotlists
[32:51] – Sidebar – Economic Calendar
[33:25] – Sidebar – My Ideas
[34:04] – Sidebar – Public & Private Chats
[34:44] – Sidebar – Ideas Stream
[34:58] – Sidebar – Notifications
[35:12] – Financial Indicators
[35:40] – Compare Symbol feature
[36:17] – Add text notes to chart
[36:54] – Text Notes / Notebook tool
[37:19] – How to use the replay tool
[38:39] – Keyboard shortcuts
[39:10] – Enable dark theme/mode

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Responses (24)

  1. Why are you guys not showing how to use trading view to place futures trades? Placing futures trades are important, you spent all these time talking without even touching how trades are placed.

  2. Really a worthless tutorial

  3. Thank you for the details you provided on the video. I do have a question: I’m trying to save the indicators plus horizontal lines as a template so I can apply to any other pairs but doesn’t work. I open a new chart, click on templates and apply it to the chart but it doesn’t load, can you explain me why it doesn’t work? Thank you, cheers.


  4. That was great, thanks for you help.

  5. Thank you so much for this tutorial👍

  6. Please can anybody tell me how do I add the SHORT chart in this platform?
    (I want to see WHEN most people traded SHORT on a certain stock)

  7. Can u buy bitcoin with this platform?

  8. Hey Luke, I couldn't find the link for your Trading Journal, can you point me in the right direction. Thanks Cheers

  9. Thank you…i love this….

  10. Thanks for sharing… please, how do i take partials from a trade??

  11. Great tutorial!I discovered features I didn't know existed. Thank you…

  12. Excellent, comprehensive, simple, straightforward, no BS tutorial!

  13. This was a great tutorial thanks

  14. i saw many videos of trading view that one is best ever. now i got everything clear. thankyou so much bro.

  15. Great tutorial, well done thanks for sharing

  16. Hello, Do you any video explaining how to use the screener? how do i shortlist the stocks which are trading above 200 moving average from my watchlist?

  17. Thank you! Great Job!

  18. 👋🏾I am halfway through #THANK YOU 🙂 so much for this video I have a question❓ ❓

    When you pay for a plan in addition to that in order to get #TRUE #REALTIME #DIRECT from #SOURCE do you have to pay an additional $2 for #EXTRADITE Subscription🤔

    This doesn't automatically come with the #PAID plans🤔