COVID-19: How do we learn to live with it?


We’ve had to deal with COVID-19 since March 2020, but has the time come where we learn to live with it?

With talks of ending repeat mass vaccination, abandoning free rapid testing and reducing self-isolation times, Sky News’ Thomas Moore explores what life might look like in the UK if we learn to co-exist with coronavirus.

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Responses (40)

  1. No Filter

    Virus comes from china, but we're paying them X amount to use their rapid antigen tests.

    Follow the money trail.

  2. James Glass

    Yeah pushing masks and other measures that do 0. Masks stop viruses..not the masks wildly available to the public. All a con..making money and massive fraud. Arrests should be occurring.

  3. no1froggy

    Covid is just another name for Corona virus which has been around for centuries, So stop all this crap like it's something new because it's not.

  4. just a joke

  5. Paul Stevens

    We can live w a cold, can't live with a government nosing into our lives anymore.

  6. Stuart Hills

    Easy turn off the telly !!

  7. Eight Zero's

    All gain of function labs need burned to the ground. Will the CCP release another v1rus at the Chinese Winter Olympic Games? 🤷‍♂️

  8. Fara Fara

    A big GAME , just like 11/09 was a big game
    Maybe bigger than 11/09 … …
    They are creating and releasing viruses themselves and then injecting people .

    A multi trillion project …
    Mankind needs to wake up and READ , READ your books
    The Torah
    The Bible
    The Quran
    (All have stories of end of times with some difference the most correct one is the last version , a guidance for mankind by their creator )

    Oops I think majority of the population in U.K. is atheists , well still no harm in reading the book

  9. The Joker

    So easy to live with COVID…just stop watching the TV or reading NSM articles and get on with your life. Simple.

  10. zerosumequation

    I've been living with it for two years without being vaccinated. The problem is the Governments "power-grab" not the rebranded flu . . .

  11. Oneness Seeker

    Are we ready to live with it lol.. How pathetic

  12. Aussie Tim

    Breaking News. QLD Chief Health Officer says 'natural immunity' is now ok. SKY News Au.

  13. swatrelm216hd

    Or we could just leave it alone like any other virus, because viruses over time develop into new strains which become weaker and weaker.

  14. Burt Humbledick

    The dogs manage ok and they eat their own poo and thrive in this false science propaganda. First time in history a dog has more rights than humans. We know your a mafia media and COVID just a cover story for the microwave weapons 5g to whack everyone off the planet.

  15. My Name

    How come the comments on here don't reflect what i see all around me. 99% of the people are still wearing masks and the younger people are the worst for carrying it all on. Everyone i work with wears a mask outside still. 🤯

  16. How do we learn to live Without it.better

  17. Abcess All Areas

    Utterly asinine question.

  18. Rhettsy Cop lando

    First thing is ti remove all restrictions, second is to stop pushing the vaccine narrative as the end game, it's not working.


    The motive for the scam, was to maximise vaccination uptake, at the expense of civil liberties, and the solvency of the nation !

  20. Jobe Duckworth

    What they mean by "Live with COVID" IS keep wearing the masks, keep taking the vaccines.

  21. Lez Lee

    We live with it the same way we have had to live with all the crap the government through s at us.

  22. Suzanna Marland

    We live with it like we live with colds and flu. Just look after yourself. 😎🥰🌍

  23. warmassunnedcat

    Just like we have always lived with death and disease for the last how many thousands of years!!! Only thing that’s changed is our reaction to it !

  24. steve Mceveryman

    remove all restrictions, stop testing healthy symptomless people. job done

  25. doc Kaos

    how to live with covid have regular wine and cheese parties if its good enouch for boris its good enough for all of us

  26. Dotexe55 Games

    Start by not watching the MSM

  27. Joanna Bevan



    Mrs sonia is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy.

  29. JOHN DOE

    Same way we live with the flu yearly, only difference is governments didn't turn into tyrants over the flu to push an agenda.

  30. Graham Joseph

    if there was any real deadly pandemic there would be no living with anything they got caught

  31. …..never had a problem with convid …my problem is with lockdown fanatics and their apologists in MSM….🤮

  32. Mexican seafood

    Covid 19 has become a brand, its all part of the plan

  33. Jack FortyFour

    Oh, that's a tough one. Maybe, how we have always lived with colds and flus.

  34. Graham Joseph

    Carry On Coronavirus … ooh matron !

  35. Luke Franklin

    Accept it is part of life, get on with it and have no restrictions at all.

  36. ConformityIsForLosers

    Learning to live with Covid
    Step 1: Turn off the TV

  37. It’s pretty simple stop with all the BS and let the world get on with it 🙄

  38. paul smith