Covid-19 UK: Daily cases fall by nearly 40% in a week as Omicron wave collapses


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Britain’s Omicron wave continued to collapse today as Covid cases fell once again and NHS hospital admissions remained flat.

Another 109,133 positive tests were logged across the UK over the past 24 hours, down 39 per cent on the tally a week ago. It is the eighth consecutive day that new infections have fallen week-on-week and the lowest daily total in more than a fortnight.

Deaths — which are a lagging indicator of the outbreak— have been slowly creeping up in recent days, with 335 more victims registered today. It is unclear if reporting issues over the holidays are still at play but the seven-day average number of fatalities sits at 261 now, compared to 99 a fortnight ago.

Meanwhile, latest hospital data shows there were 2,184 admissions for the virus-infected patients on January 9, up 5 per cent compared to the previous. Daily admissions have fallen on three of the past seven days.

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Responses (33)

  1. Deaths — which are a lagging indicator of the outbreak— have been slowly creeping up in recent days, with 335 more victims registered

  2. The numbers mean NOTHING at this point. Lack of Lateral Flows, Lack of PCR, the fact that now people without symptoms but have positive natural flows will NOT be required to have a PCR will manufacture numbers even more. Then to say "omicron wave" continued to collapse is just pure tabloid propaganda as per usual

  3. Together Declaration – YouTube

  4. Together Declaration – YouTube

  5. Yeah they stopped testing people it’s not that complicated 😂

  6. We have more of our population spiked than South Africa and it wasn’t a problem there, we have nothing to fear but fear itself

  7. wow just like every other flu and cold season.

  8. more bollox and misdirection then ! hangings are due !

  9. We don't care. No one is listening

  10. "Jab by Jab we are replacing the temporary restrictions with the long term protection of the vaccine"

    Why, over one year later do we still have the restrictions then?

  11. Stop lieing you scumbags

  12. Governments are abusive

  13. im pure….anyone else?

  14. Funny how now that more and more ppl are out protesting their right to human free will and choice, now Omicron has dropped dramatically. We need to kick, scream, shout and fight to prevent governments from taking everything human from us.

  15. And then will come the 'omega' virus.

  16. When will those that said all the evidence they had about omercrane was ALL BAD….ignoring the actual evidence from south africa that it definitely wasn not be made accountable and SACKED !!!!

  17. Boris still remains out there why don't he just call a election so we can get rid of this disgraceful government!

  18. Boris: 2 shots please and a pint of Stella!

  19. Have cases fallen or is it impossible to get a test at the moment?

  20. In other news, influenza and pneumonia are completely eradicated as no deaths have been registered for either.

  21. The statistics at the start should also show Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson etc. share prices before the scamdemic and now!!!

  22. Sounds like they need a new variant

  23. the amount of deceptive facts put there would unbelievable, had this not been a video from a newspaper company

  24. They always show JD sports, not the best advertising for them- they're target market, is Roadmen, Anti Vaxer, Antifa/BLM- anti Jewish, Vegans.

  25. Of Course they have the CON over the flu jabs that have spread the symptoms about has come to an end after 3 months. people are not suffering from those symptoms and the testing has slowed by result. Thus the reduction in cases. This is the 3rd year of this CON …………………WAKE UP PEOPLE,

  26. Court proceedings are on the way for all concerned- cannot wait.

  27. What haapen after peopel has vaccine 2025

  28. Sounds like yet another Mail pack of rubbish lies

  29. Looks like a horror movie trailer 😳🧐