Covid cases rising in UK – what happens next? – BBC News


In July, UK PM Boris Johnson announced that no legal restrictions would be in place for Covid-19, and people would be trusted to make their own decisions.

Now, cases are continuing to rise and the question on everyone’s lips is… what now?

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  1. Hahahahahahahahaha ✌️

  2. LITTLE Britain could not make any moves against Greater Turkey.

  3. Get them all agent orange as soon as possible in UK before they take you.

  4. The uk goverment is provoking raging WAR on own country

  5. RETARDED goverments like playing GOD decided who lives and who dies a serial killer MURDERER genocide

  6. Borris jonson reminds me of saddam hussein a NAZIE

  7. Brrois jonson has been plotting has been plotting terrorist attacks on his own countery

  8. BBC spreads the most lies

  9. I want to understand something. So the UK is the country with the highest vaccination number. Why then the UK is the country with the highest number of infected?

  10. Here in the UK we have Boris and Peppa pig

  11. Yet again the BBC with their one sided narrative on covid . They hardly ever mention the drop in deaths or hospitalisations but instead crank up the fear factor by quoting cases without any balance in the narrative. Even now its constant doom and gloom reporting on omicron cases but not a mention of how low the deaths are. Its come to light that a number of journalists have come forward to tell their stories of how they have been told not to give opposing views to the government narrative by their bosses and have actually been controlled on how they report on covid. If this is not media censorship then what exactly is going on.

  12. Andrew aka Prince of Pedophilia guilty no accountability

  13. Problems a considerable number of people are not wearing face masks in shops and public transport, we need to remember the Flu virus and Covid 19 which in time will mutate again into who knows what. As mask wearing is law, in shops and public transport, on the spot fines are needed for store managers and offenders who don’t wear face masks when they should. ID is a must for people who say they are exempt! If this problem is not addressed, the situation will get worse and is!

  14. Yep masking maybe the answer. Even better than vaccination. Cause if you got it you won't spread it and if you don't it's a good way to protect yourself. Maybe the government should invest in a massive masking campaign

  15. Errrrr what did he say?
    So we ignore the deaths and long term autoimmune from jabs. Any death caused by something sold as safe is too many

  16. so what if someone has a delta and omicron is deltacron ??

  17. Britain needs a genius system to be able to deal with the virus. Vaccines do not protect against the virus

  18. Brussels Broadcasting Company (BBC) spin ?

  19. All wind and piss , he's useless he's as much use as a vampyr guarding a blood bank

  20. Boris drowned the country and he is still lying on the spot. He has no shame, and he is lying.

  21. The problem is not the Convid it's the fact Boris talks BS then Main Stream Media & Social Media constantly repeat it.. AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN !!!!!!!!

  22. Why is nobody talking about the Downing st press room? The video of the press conference were she talks about the cheese and wine party could not have taken place in the new conference room as shown in the video as claimed as the renovation wasn’t complete until much later March or April I believe.
    Last November /December it would have been pre renovation condition.THINK ABOUT IT. It’s bullshit yet again.They’re trying to clear a path for his resignation as it’s getting too hot for him.If you don’t pay attention you won’t notice when they fuck up..and they constantly trip themselves up.
    Lying is a hard game.

  23. Stop spreading panic Cases rising Deaths and hospitalisation falling We are one of the best vaccinated countries in the world so whatever variant comes along we have prepared well

  24. This government is a joke lol every month new name comes out for a variant 🤣

  25. Can somebody please fix his hair?

  26. Ps, lock down? Just do what YOU LIKE with respect for others choices, if approached by police, answer with, "no comment"


  28. Could ,may be ,we dont know that ,it could be ,we need more data ,with the speed of todays tech these must be the most ill informed people on the planet

  29. Its just the globalist marxist agenda nothing to do with saving lives. But I do agree that Peppa Pig world has safe streets.

  30. This video has 5.3k likes? Bullsh*t your propaganda videos never get that many likes, you've taken the dislike button now you're fudging the numbers of likes. Liars

  31. Vaccinating your children? 13% so far? I guess 13% is the rate of really shity parents in the UK.

  32. forget the war nonsense ur done general is worst then president. ur done sit down or get it. forget the trying u cant. proxy war…pft

  33. Full lockdown here we come. Stock up now.

  34. damned blasted liars

  35. Yes we need to have it on 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷👈🏼👍👍👍👍👍

  36. According to the Post, the attack was actually caused by the SUV.

  37. Editors Choice

    Washington Post Says Christmas Parade Attack Was “Caused by SUV”
    by Paul Joseph Watson
    November 25th 2021, 11:36 am
    Yes, they really reported this.

  38. Canadian singer Bryan Adams revealed he has tested positive for COVID for the second time despite being double vaccinated.

    The 62-year-old performer tested positive at Milan’s Malpensa Airport after arriving for a trip on which he was supposed to promote Pirelli’s 2022 calendar.

  39. Health

    Bryan Adams Tests Positive For COVID For Second Time Despite Being Double Vaccinated
    by Paul Joseph Watson
    November 26th 2021, 5:49 am
    "So it's off to hospital for me."