COVID Data: How have COVID pandemic deaths compared to past events?


The number of deaths seen in the first year of the COVID pandemic are comparable to the blitz of World War II and the Spanish Influenza pandemic.

Sky’s Ed Conway breaks down how the pandemic in the UK has changed over the past two years.

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Responses (30)

  1. Bungle Joy

    It doesn't need satastics to work out that death numbers from last year and this has been bad but to have to back to world war 2 and Spanish flue of 2018 to get worse numbers really shows how bad things are yes we need va ccines but we need new antibiotics that will solve this thing issue is that over years there's been a overuse of antibiotics so now. the people whose in ICU the tablets are not helping cos they are immune to them so we need new antibiotics developing that's specifically developed just for treating omicrons strain along with type of pnuemoni sepsis or whatever. that's specific to that

  2. mikecheq45

    We have had 5 years of low deaths. Of course we were going to get a spike. This is typical media spin though. Look at deaths as a percentage of the population during covid and every year from 2000-2015 and it is similar. This is a complete lie!

  3. Ian Dawson

    false information AGAIN. Lock them up


    I’m having a Cornish Pasty for lunch today

  5. Fraser M-

    Just drive by your local hospital and se that they are lying again

  6. Martial Artist UK

    This muppet is not a mathematician or scientist hes just a mouth piece for the commercial pharma that sponsors these fake news reels.

  7. Snoep Animatie

    ok, was doing the math as we went along, going from the numbers presented and the total population of the UK. But 120.000/66.000.000 is 0.18% excess death on the whole population 2021. At 2:22 I see 8.0%, how do they arrive at that. Because that is 80x more???

  8. bamboo zooka

    was only a pandemic in fake news media land

  9. It's all a game to them so please help me to understand why so many take these theatricals serious. We've all been had, it's been happening for years and years, yet we continue to keep feeding them.
    They are still laughing at us all, just as they have over the last 2 years, lies, smoke and mirrors, illusions, false inaccurate data, fear, deception and corruption, they never took it seriously, it was only the fear and seriousness of our beliefs in THIER system that have got us to this point. Ask yourself now… If they were never worried about the severity of this "pandemic" why on earth were we?

  10. Albert Brennaman

    Funny, how now we suddenly can look at long-term data and excess mortality. When these same analogies were made in the beginning of the pandemic, people who kept calm and did this very analysis and tried to provide a sense of proportion were called conspiracy theorists.

  11. Look up The house of cards is collapsing: EU Government finally admits…

  12. doc Kaos

    under the government's new umbrella of safty they sre going to release the T virus varient to kill off covid for our safty ☂☂☂☂☂

  13. Fake News 100%

  14. Saleh Othman

    Let's be precise,
    150000 deaths
    (A) How many were vaccinated?
    (B) How many unvaccinated?
    (c) unrelated death?
    (D) important to the list, CANCER, POLLUTION, MENTAL ILLNESS COMMON FLU AND STROKE RELATED?! This are some among the Topic which we know can't be Ignored /overlooked!!.
    And about the history from sixty years ago IS COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT ON THIS CURRENT STATUS!!

  15. I watched the ads then closed thr vid. They were great

  16. Frank Medrisch

    What happened in the 1950s?

  17. David Mclaughlan

    HOORAY we've got some made up graphs
    and a plebian halfwit skipping about like an overexcited puppy,……SKY ….false af.

  18. Sonya & Jesse

    10% died from covid alone… come on people!

  19. Dianne Penny

    Until they distinguish between those dying from Covid and those dying with Covid, these data are meaningless. The vast majority of those 150k deaths will be people dying of other causes, who happened to test positive.

  20. BullS*** massaged figures…..WAKE UP SHEEPLE !

  21. Peter Bardy

    The European regulators even admitted that the COVID booster shots could adversely affect the immune system!
    What was once a conspiracy is quickly becoming true and it’s horrifying!

  22. Scott Ewing

    Are the vaccines safe? No they're not.
    Do the vaccines prevent contagion, transmission or death? No they don't.

    Jesus – get a clue.

  23. Scott Ewing

    Died 'from' covid – or 'with' covid.


  24. Nasty Balls

    No one listens to your nonsense fear mongering bull!

  25. Frederick Taylor

    What happened around 1950 for the big increase in mortality?

  26. dinkydaz67

    The SLY News crazy crayon gang are still going strong in 2022

  27. Steve Walsh-Balshaw

    I wish media and politicians would follow the science instead of following science fiction

  28. If 1% of the age adjusted population of just say 67M die in the 1st year and 1% of an age adjusted population that has increased to 67.5M die the next year, wouldn't the number of deaths increase year on year?
    Or am I just being fussy…

  29. I notice the percentage range was minimalised i.e. not 0 ro 100% to give more dramatic effect. What are the changes in actual amounts so we can see the real impact. 6% of 500K for example, which is average annual deaths in recent years, equals 30K change which is not remarkable and even less so when compared to the total UK population of 68M. That would be a 0.04% impact.
    I am not convinced that every year has seen a year-on-year decrease for such a long time previously and would like to see the data behind their numbers. I have seen trend charts showing a completely different picture.
    There again, maybe that's why covid was introduced to address this decline🤔
    I really cannot trust anything these devisive clowns have to say…

  30. Percentage change from the previous year is so unscientific and doesn't really mean anything. With a constantly changing population and annual circumstances, it's difficult to make such simple assumptions on very little criteria.