CPU Mining Profitability! Is it still worth it to CPU mine?


I am making more money mining cryptocurrencies than ever before! But is CPU mining still worth it and what is CPU mining profitability right now? Let’s review CPU mining and the best coins to CPU mine! Subscribe to VoskCoin –

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CPU mining has been one of the easiest ways to earn passive income in cryptocurrency, ever, even Bitcoin was originally CPU mined so early Bitcoin CPU miners are now sitting on MILLIONS of basically free dollars.. You cannot CPU mine Bitcoin anymore, but there are some cryptocurrencies that are still very profitable to CPU mine. Monero and their RandomX mining algorithm set the standard for what coin to mine with your Intel and AMD CPU. AMD. Ryzens are the best and most profitable CPUs for mining. There are some other top CPU mineable coins, specifically, I have more than 10x my CPU mining profitability by mining Veruscoin VRSC and I even made more money and coins by staking those Veruscoins! Let’s review CPU mining in 2021 and how to mine Monero XMR RandomX as well as how to mine Veruscoin VRSC on Verushash!

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How to CPU Mine Monero RandomX on Intel and AMD CPUs!
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Calculate your CPU mining profitability with any CPU!

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Crypto mining is more profitable than ever
00:21 CPU mining profitability review
01:24 If you have a CPU why not earn passive income with it mining?
02:45 Cheap intel CPUs for mining vs AMD Ryzen CPUs
03:37 Monero RandomX CPU mining profitability revealed
05:00 CPU mining is VERY EASY and PROFITABLE — how to ~10x your CPU mining profits
09:44 If you mined Veruscoin VRSC after the VoskCoin video you’d be up 10x or 20x on your cryptocurrency investment?!
12:00 How to CPU mine Veruscoin and stake VRSC for passive income
12:38 HowdooSwap and Howdoo Launchpad
15:28 How to CPU mine Monero RandomX and the best miners
16:40 Is CPU mining still worth it and profitable in 2021 ??

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  2. Your off-the-cuff commentary really adds to this, hope you know that

  3. I understood nothing, how much monero you earn a month?

  4. Gold Cash is doing gold auctions for real gold nuggets in exchange for gold cash!!! This is coming very soon please make a video on this great project

  5. I bought a Ryzen 5 for my first GPU mining rig I feel like a 🤡

  6. I wanted information and this guy just started pushing products and coins.

  7. Got a Vosk shirt. How do i get a Monero one?

  8. You mined a whole shina inu dog 😂

  9. What do you have to do to mine Cardano just curious.

  10. I enjoy your videos. Very informative. I would love to start with the basic mining equipment and upgrade at a later date.

    Is there a website dedicated for mining equipment?

  11. Awesome I'm only here because you guys stole all the gpus from my gaming past time. Hopefully this becomes a thing and replaces GPU mining.

  12. 4:18 There are lies, damned lies, and statistics

  13. Dropping those logic bars 😂

  14. I have gave up on cpu mining a while ago

  15. is shiba coin gonna be profitable?

  16. Dude get over your self and bo body wants to know about your dog or your sponsorer or your fancy words if you put a title all you do is talk about that specific title

  17. Much better for humanity to be selfless and crunch for science! You can run Rosetta at home Distributed computing project on the CPU cores, and folding at home on the GPU for instance..

    I recently bought a bunch of cheap Skylake Dell Optiplexes off eBay, heating my house with science research.

    I hope if mining dies down, the computational power will be directed towards good causes. That, and stock being resold to gamers.

  18. I wanna pet your dog

  19. I cannot be the only one who saw Doom Eternal OST on 8:34

  20. Have you ever tried CPU mining with the Intel Xeon Phi PCIE 60 Core Coprocessor. I wonder if it would work with Cudo Miner or UnMinable?

  21. Hdd mining still exists?

  22. I remember being dragged down by debt before I saw comments that directed me to the platform above. Now I am debt free and financially secure because of them 🔥

  23. Jesus is the truth…

  24. I cpu mine, but only for one purpose, to get discord nitro.

  25. Like for Shiba Inu!🐶👍

  26. Dear VoskCoin ;
    I have an interesting question regarding CPU mining for Monero. I've seen the "Intel Xeon Phi 5110P 60-Core 1.053GHz Coprocessor C1P87A 708360-001 225w" 60 core server processor on a PCI-e card. Would it be worth it to attempt to mine with these? It seems like 6 cards connected to a mining board would produce the desired results. Would you care to try, so the rest of us would know if it's worth investing in the hardware and effort? Thank You

  27. Hello, May I ask what's the software they used way back 2010-2015 I think for mining XMR?…

  28. Which coin gives you 10 dollars per day ? I got amd 16 cores Ryzen 9 5950

  29. Vosk I have a serious question I hope you can answer for me. I'm looking to start cpu mining, and I'm wondering, if I buy a rizen cpu would it be better for profit than a Intel i7

  30. On your way to half a mil subs 👍🏻

  31. This dude never gets to the point. He goes off subject like a chick.

  32. CPU mining just leveled up hard core! Look into Ebay "Lots" of cromebooks. Specifically one with intel Celeron N3040 or 3050s.
    Those CPUs are weak AF but, they draw only 6W of power, and hash/W is on par with ryzen 3000, and the laptops are selling for $20-$30/ each. You install linux on those bad boys and you sell off the LCD's and batteries on ebay and you are already at a profit before you mine.
    I already have 20, and my wife said if I buy 1 more computer, she'll divorce me LOL. So just passing on the good news to you fine gents!

  33. I own a 3600 the calculator shows me a profit of more than the electricity bill total every month that i pay, which then my mining rig would pay off, so technically no electricity bill
    Worth it?
    Its just lying idle

  34. Hello what's the best way to get started with trade cos I've been making my personal research for a while now