Create an NFT Sports Card – Part 1


Learn how to make a sports card NFT. Download project files:

🔑 Part 2:

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Responses (24)

  1. No tienes medio de pago en alguna moneda ? usdt , busd , eth ?

  2. What software are you using to make these NFT cards?

  3. What Software are you using in this video ?

  4. I have After effects. But I don’t. Have the saber and video copilot. Where do I get that?

  5. So let’s say I have a minted graded 10 Paolo Banchero Duke RC Card, can I create a an animated 3D video of it spinning like it’s representing me owning it into an NFT? Is that illegal lol?

  6. I can not find the saber effect I have adobe after effects 2022

  7. Would this work with Cs6

  8. If I buy the project files, can I just make the changes and the basic design will stay? I guess I am asking if I could just swap out player/name/background…

  9. hi, why cant i move the asset using the orbit camera tool, i have made sure i chose the active camera. But everytime i tried to move it using the orbit camera tool, its only giving me error sound? Can someone help me?

  10. hey bro! sick tut! Are the import settings what keep the quality under 100MB to post on most of the NFT sites? I mess around with Trapcode in AE but the files are massive. Usually over 1GB which they cant currently host. Was trying to figure out how to overcome this issue. Trying to figure out how to export under the 100MB level. Thanks for any insight! Def subbed for your content man great job!

  11. sir, in 5:47 it can't orbit..why?

  12. Hello my friend good evening. I enjoyed the vid, Can I do it at blender? And I wanna do the same for the American Sports, Just like Baseball, Basketball and Football, and eventually Soccer. How do I find the players layers, cities layers? Can I automate all the work you've done With Hashlips automated code? I am from Brazil, Thanks for the video. Like in the video and 1+ subscriber.

  13. Hi Vega, can I send private message to you? Thanks

  14. hi,.can also apply this
    to after effects 2019?

  15. you should have 9 million views this art is so dope and cool. do you have an alternate Adobe effects app you can recommend where i can replicate something similar not exact of course. great video subbed

  16. Sir is there any way i can sign up for your mentorship?

  17. i bought your project, but when im trying to import, AE says it can't open, because it was created using a different version of the AE.
    what can i do?

  18. Will you not cet copyright if you use real player photo ?

  19. what if i want to make the back of the card?
    how can i do?

    this tutorial its insane!

  20. I made one using this method, but I can’t make it into a small file sized gif and also when the image rotates, you could see the black background, is there a way to make it transparent? How do I output a small gif with media in coder?

  21. I got caught on the create saber part lol. My effects studio doesn’t have that effect!

  22. Blockasset is going to change the game for sports NFTs. Join their discord server to learn how: