Create Digital NFT Art in Photoshop


Today we create a digital painting in Photoshop that can be sold as an NFT.

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Crypto art, NFTs, Bitcoin, and an artist named Beeple are all things you’ve probably heard of recently. In this video we dive into that world and get a taste for ourselves by creating a digital graphic that can be sold as an NFT.

Here’s a link to the first NFT sale:

If you want to see more Photoshop tutorials and speed arts then check out this playlist:

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Sony a7s
Sony a7s II
Sony 24-70mm
Sony 55mm
Tamron 70-200mm
Tamron 15-30mm

Edited in Premiere CC


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Responses (41)

  1. I think I did this right?
    I'm still new to NFTs and hope the link to the bid works:

  2. Nice vid! Keep up de good work.

    Started creating myself as well.

  3. can someone name all the softwares needed for making an nft digital art like these famous apes?

  4. can we sell photoshop manipulations like this as well as NFTs?

  5. Which Photoshop version do you have to use in order to drop or add a layer of the 360 png? And what is the image size of the NFTs?

  6. you talk a loooooooot of dead/boring info

  7. Saw this recommended and just wanted to stop by and say that NFT’s can go to hell. It’s blocking out actual talent with people just wanting to get rich with meaningless art.

  8. Where can I download photoshop? What other program we can download except photoshop for nft creation?

  9. Hello, how much is photoshop program?

  10. Is this not copyright? Because download images from the internet and then edit them again?

  11. i screenshotted

  12. cool video and thanks for info. Art is amazing.

  13. What photoshop application do use to create?

  14. What modeling app are you using

  15. Everything about this video screams quality and clean. Audio, Lower thirds, Sound, Vocals, etc.

  16. Thanks for the tips dude!

  17. Sir which photoshop version is this TIA

  18. You’re right I can’t take you seriously with your hair like that! 😂
    But I’m still watching the video.
    You are good at explaining things, and I enjoyed the video.
    You have a new subscriber.
    Question; will I be able to do stuff like this on my Ipad 8 Gen?

  19. its not art. it's flippin money around…

  20. can you have a tutorial like in the last part. Like how to make it move?

  21. You made that apocalyptical world from some egg cartons!? Teach me your ways I am a photographer who is building an NFT space.

  22. World class…You deserve all the praise in the world…

  23. That's actually sick nice work

  24. Can you sell your art with a cracked photoshop or do you have to pay for it

  25. Wait, so you're saying that I can buy digital assets to make an NFT of another persons art? Sign me up!!!

  26. Man your a goat if u make a nft I’d have a to get it

  27. at 09:06 he just stared to talk sense

  28. that thing you quickly made is really cool…totally my style

  29. This video did not show me how to make art in photoshop i have no idea what you are doing but dope art

  30. can you upload these without any copyright? Like to sell NFT?

  31. Amazing work and very insightful!!!

  32. So how good does my work has to be to be able to be sold? I wanna try this since i do graphic design and photo manipulation too but i am scared that i will just lose money with the fees and no one will fucking buy anything xD

  33. Can I pay you to create my 3D moving nft

  34. why the nft not available?