Creating NFT trading cards using Procreate


In this video you can watch me draw my new NFT trading cards using Procreate. I call them Beastly Ballers.

00:00 – Intro
00:26 – Sketch
01:17 – Line Time
03:23 – Color
04:29 – Details
05:52 – Reveal

Edited by 📀 💿

Drawing tools:
Apple iPad Pro 2nd Gen
Apple Pencil 2nd Gen
Procreate App

Video Recording tools:
Sony A5100
Amazon Basics Tripod
Benks’ iPhone Tabel Clamp Holder

Editing tools:
Adobe Premiere Pro
Apple Macbook Pro
Photoshop for thumbnailing

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Ryan 😉


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Responses (46)

  1. In procreat wich pen do you use?

  2. What iPad did you use?

  3. I pad model plzzz?

  4. Thank you so much for being my motivation and inspiring me to start my own channel! 🙏🏽 😃

  5. Wow amazing work man, did you make much on NFT’s in the end or is it a big of a waste of time game

  6. I do the same videos 😁 but yours is so much better!

  7. What brush settings are you using for your linework?

  8. Ehat brush is that for the black line

  9. Absolutely amazing.!

  10. nice skills. did u manage to sell it yet? and for how much? also great music choice 😀

  11. Love the Techno sound that you put in ..

  12. yup. this is amazing. gonna subscribe.

  13. 당신은 천재다! You are Genius!

  14. What settings do u have on pro create bro

  15. This pic goes hard, feel free to screenshot

  16. Can you really use this art as a NFT?

  17. OMG ! this is absolutely amazing!

  18. What program do you use and the equipment as well please

  19. Can I just be the one drawing the art and then selling it on Fiverr to someone who wants to sell that on the nft marketplace, do I need to code to make an nft?

  20. Super cool, but the BB logo must be mirrored on one pair. But anyway I wished I could draw like that!

  21. Hi can I pay you to do the art for my project, I have a big budget. Thank you so much!

  22. u deserve more subs, awesome artist

  23. im an artist but why i can't to do like this type of art can you give me advices plz

  24. What brush did you use for sketching?

  25. Is there a app to draw like this? And what is the pen name?

  26. What brushes do you like?

  27. which ipad model is it??can u suggest best ipad for creating nfts??

  28. I really want an IPad but memory sizes are stressing me, 64gb is actually decent???

  29. which pad is it.?

  30. I am looking at buying a iPad Pro to make NFTs. I am about average at drawing. Would you recommend that I try this?

  31. You Da Champ!!!!!!! SWI$$$$$$HHHHH

  32. What brush did you use for this?

  33. Great work but how was that a tcg card ?

  34. WHAT IS the max resolution drawing we can create using procreate?

  35. Where do you sell your nft?

  36. the art is cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool! god job man

  37. Thank you for your video. Great drawing. What size canvas did you use?