Crypto Mine With Your Gaming PC NOW!! NiceHash Quickminer Tutorial


3 months later a lot has changed in the way I mine and the hardware I use. It is time for an updated tutorial walking you through how to use your gaming desktop or laptop to mine cryptocurrency as it is more profitable now than ever before. Over the last week I have been making around $23 a day mining with my gaming PC’s 3080. It is an extremely easy process and will earn you a good amount of passive income with hardware you already own.

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NiceHash Mining Platform: Easiest place to mine from your gaming PC

Nano S Hard wallet:

Nano X:

Trezor Hard Wallet:

Legacy Miner Vs. Quickminer

Cryptocurrency playlist:

0:00 Intro
1:03 Things Have Changed
5:39 Profitability Calculator
9:40 Download Quickminer
10:51 Initial Setup
12:03 How To Control The App
14:58 New Way To Undervolt/Overclock
17:14 Do Not CPU Mine
18:42 What to do with Your Earnings
21:10 Thank You For Watching

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**My Gear**

Monitor: Viotek 32″ 1440p/144Hz Curved (Samsung VA Panel)

Secondary Monitor: Onn 22″ 1080p

3rd Monitor (40” TV)

Keyboard: Razer Black Widow Elite (green switches, keycaps, silencers, spray lubed)

Glorious Aura Pudding Keycaps

Razer Viper Ultimate:

Headphones: Astro A50

Back Up Headphones: Razer Nari Ultimate

Speakers: Logitech G560 Lightsync

Camera: Sony A5100

Elgato Cam Link 4k

Boom Arm: Blue Compass

Mixer/Audio Interface: Go XLR

Mic: Blue Ember

Router: NETGEAR XR450 Nighthawk Pro Gaming

Modem: NETGEAR CM1000

Elgato Stream Deck XL:

Elgato Key Light Air:

Elgato Ring Light:

Desk: Monarch Specialties L-Shaped in Cement/White

My Living Room TV: LG 75″ Flagship

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Responses (40)

  1. ⚕️I invest a little amount and it generates 50000 USD from is mining⌨️

  2. is 2.45 worth it

  3. Hey, I got an ryzen 5 5600g and a gtx 1050 ti. In the quickminer it only appears my integrated video graphic card, how can I switch it to my dedicated graphic card, I mean the 1050 ti

  4. No worries 🤗 get in touch with☝🏿 guaranteed payment ⌨️

  5. and CPU mining for an extra dollar a day is a big nope??? stupid.

  6. lol $27 a day with a single card??? Nope. BS video.

  7. ⚕️I invest a little amount and it generates 50000 USD from is mining⌨️

  8. I have a 3090. How much can I make realistically?

  9. Why does all my settings say mining rig un hooked up how do I do this…

  10. 🤞 I can't thank you enough for the coins added to my wallet🛒

  11. 🤞 I can't thank you enough for the coins added to my wallet🛒

  12. For some reason my dashboard doesnt have the quick overclock option any idea why?

  13. 🛸You are the best services in the world🗽

  14. 🛸You are the best services in the world🗽

  15. why it say 4 dollars now for a rtx 3080 🙁

  16. Also I have a 3060 is it worth it for me

  17. Am I able to do this at 14

  18. how tf does he get so high mh's??????????

  19. fuuuuck ishould have waited to get a 3080 instead of a 3070 damn

  20. your rtx 3080 profitability in the video shows $22 a day but i just checked it today and its showing 4.62 USD / Day? Why is that?

  21. My 3070 is only getting 33 MH/s is that bad?

  22. I have a Nvidia GTX 970 from a 2015 built, is that not good enough?

  23. Hey Gamer Heaven, I recently started mining on my Aurora R12 3080 3 weeks ago. My hash rate wasn't going above 57 and my VRAM temp has been around 84. Now my VRAM temp is around 76 using 160W of power and my hash rate has dropped to 46. Is there any way to fix this? I've only been using the extreme hash through nicehash. Should I be worried about my 3080?

  24. HI!!!! I need help!!! I'm new on Gaming PC and I bought a Alienware R10. I want to improve the Graphic Card, How many graphics Card? And others recommendations…

  25. I have a 3090 and only getting 5 usd to 6 a day, let’s see if this video has good tips

  26. Can you use a 3060ti ?

  27. Any updates on this?

  28. how much do you think i can rake in with just a RTX 2080? not a Ti

  29. I have a 3070ti with a 7 gen 5800x Amd cpu my gpu load isatt 99 percent at lite and temp seems to be rising why??

  30. bella delphine lol

  31. now can you utilize both thw CPU and GPU or is that just counterproductive?

  32. Anyone has an idea why the profit changed so dramatically? Nicehash now says without electricity costs you get about $8 a day with a 3080 instead of $22

  33. Why would you not recommend mining on a 3060ti?

  34. how much i will get with 1050 ti? without counting the electricity bill?

  35. any tips my GPU doesn't show up like your does on the web page ?

  36. 11/24/21 making about $6.5 per day on a 3080

  37. so your saying because i have a 3070 its not worth mining?

  38. How do you find out if the mining is stressing your gpu too much?

  39. Are you still using Nicehash ?