Crypto Mining Tutorial (How To Mine Cardano ADA Coin)


How To Mine Cardano ADA Coin at home with your PC or Mining Rig on Windows OS.

Links & Commands:
nbminer.exe -a ethash -o stratum+tcp://POOL_ADDRESS -u COIN:ADDRESS.WORKER

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Responses (20)

  1. sagar paul

    Hi Hassan….thanks for the video
    While mining with NBminer I am getting the error "CUDA error: out of memory (err_no=02)"
    Kindly help.

  2. For just Anime

    Please tell the gpus you are using bro

  3. Emilio Suarez

    Great video Hasan!! Thanks


    Whats the logic ??? You are mining eth .. you sell eth and buy ADA or whatever coin you want ..

  5. Adekola Ibraheem

    Hello Brother, I really appreciate you sharing this, my question is can I mine on Apple MacBook Pro 2014?

  6. Nagar Nagar

    Thanks for Hindi translation 😊

  7. Naufal Rizwan

    i have a gt730 GPU – Nvidia!! it doesnt support , but great video, keep going! thanks

  8. Joao Marra

    What about profits? Is profitable?

  9. Amin Ziaee

    very usefull

  10. Nail Art

    Perfect video, Thanks Bro

  11. Meys GHOLAM

    Can an 8 GB graphics card have several (mh) per day?

  12. Meys GHOLAM

    Can an 8 GB graphics card have several (mh) per day?

  13. Meys GHOLAM

    Can an 8 GB graphics card have several (mh) per day?

  14. Meys GHOLAM

    Can an 8 GB graphics card have several (mh) per day?

  15. Meys GHOLAM

    Can an 8GB graphics card have several (mh) per day?

  16. qkenkenu

    what is the point to mine etherum and sell it right away ?

  17. DannyTrans

    1.2 Ada in 24h – electricity bill = 🀣

  18. Shahzad Amjad

    There is the error brother : Failed to login mining pool. Kindly help me with that

  19. Bryan Mo.

    Does this slow down your computer?? Water space?

  20. 3AB9ARINO DZ

    Thanks for this video my teacher