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Last Week’s Crypto Review 👉
Solana Updates 👉
Avalanche Tutorial 👉
The Power Of Crypto DAOs 👉
Theta Explained 👉
Decentraland Potential 👉
Best Countries For Crypto Tax 👉
Internet Computer Dystopia 👉
Exchange Tokens 👉


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► Bitcoin Birthday:
► Solana Degraded Performance:
► Avalanche ILO:
► Aave Arc:
► Aave Hires Social Media Employees:
► Samsung Cardano Project Partnership:
► Samsung Decentraland:
► IRS To Track Payment App Transactions 2022:
► UK Crypto Crackdown:
► UK Crypto Resistance:


0:00 Intro
2:18 Bitcoin Birthday
4:40 Solana Stagnates
6:38 Avalanche ILO
8:40 Aave Empire
11:07 Samsung + Crypto
13:01 Crypto Tax Changes
14:40 UK Crypto Crackdown
16:38 Crypto Market Forecast
20:32 Outro


📜 Disclaimer 📜

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.

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  1. Coin Bureau

    Hold tight guys. It's going to be a rocky week! Hope that this news gave you some insight about what to expect 🙏. Don't forget to follow me on my socials for all the breaking daily news and updates 👉 You may also be interested in my clips channel which has behind the scenes bits and shorter form content

  2. Flavio Rossini

    would like to know your comments on LOOKS (LooksRare) a decentralised competitor to Open Sea

  3. Filipe Gomes

    Animal Matrix 1/10, such a amazing NFT project

  4. Hope you can share news about OGN!

  5. Muz Muz

    Please please just bump your contrast and temp adjust your host shot, mr. editor. The whole thing will look so much better. That's all I want to say as a long time fan, the rest of the content goes a long long way.

  6. Solo doge

    Crypto tax comin fo yo ass 😂 at 1min 25s

  7. Tomas roth Roth

    thanks MR G

  8. Edv Vardo

    This picture of rainy window putted in this week market forecast was shoot in 10!

  9. Cory Johnson

    I’m not your buddy, Guy!

  10. Samantha Atkins

    Bad news is inflation is still going strong and increasing.

  11. Suguru Takehara

    Let's go Brandon!!

  12. David Z. Falenczyk

    just be quiet with your advice. all is going up you are making fud

  13. Jenis Giles

    Great content

  14. Joshua Bamford

    Let's not forget that Samsung has also integrated with Elrond in the past, so that could be another contender on the TVs.

  15. Crypto News By Prof King Keys

    Thanks a lot for the update

  16. Antonis Prasinos

    $ONE TO THE MOON!!! 🚀🚀🚀

  17. Tzarkk L

    can i say this.. U have no mic yet your sound quality is the best!

  18. DeadlyK1ss

    Hey guy, great video, i bought link after watching your last video, thanks for huge gains lol ))

  19. Andrew Birch

    The beginning of the year didn't go according to my plan. I planned to make some money on Christmas shopping and then invest usdt from the profits But the crypto market decided everything for me

  20. Time to cover Moonbeam! Parachain is live, trading on Binance.

  21. SixSixSix

    Thank you Guy, and all the uncredited researchers at team Coin Bureau who work tirelessly to bring us such great information. We love you all!

  22. Demone Dante

    ICP is a scam

  23. Paul Apetrei

    Hi, ca you give us your thoughts about EOS new road map and the separation of block one?

  24. Dan Brusco

    Great content as always Guy. I'm not looking forward to the impending crypto crackdown in the UK. Time to move some assets into cold storage I think!

  25. Owen Rutt

    crypto market would crash soon if you don't take a step.

  26. Herminiya Chavis

    whats the best mining system to use right now since crypto is crashing?

  27. Francesco Commisso

    Big fan of harmony but where the f does guy see a cup and handle pattern forming on the daily?

    Cup and handle is supposed to be a continuation pattern

  28. Josh is a Jedi

    The more I look for good crypto info on YouTube, the more I come back here. Every other channel uses clickbait which makes them seem unreliable. Thank goodness Coin Bureau is legit.

  29. veteris noctis

    ICP has been down bad for so long that it’s “gains” are basically irrelevant lol.

  30. Modern Soccer

    The crazy truth is when I am a week away from getting paid, it crashes so bad and a day to getting paid, it starts rising and by the time I am ready to buy, it will be at its peaks. Wth

  31. Boilerhouse Garage

    "Blah blah to fight climate change" should be an alarm bell for any level-headed investor. Don't have your assets backed by fraud and mysticism.

  32. Synyster Gates

    I look at my usdt I've been putting away, and I don't really feel like the "crash" stresses me out rn lol. Hodl on and stack sats, this works like an accelerating train

  33. Str4wberryhaze

    I wonder if the CoinBureau staff gets paid in crypto 🤔

  34. Martin's David

    Crypto is really good and profitable and has been my major source of income but sometimes, most people think crypto investment is all about buying coin and leaving it to rise common,. It takes more analysis to be a successful crypto trader.

  35. The only crypto guy I trust! No pun intended lol.

  36. Discover Chiropractic

    Best crypto analysis out there…Thank you!!!

  37. #scroogecoin is rocketing. Gonna be the next shiba but with actual utilities and place(casino) to use it. Jump In now while market cap is still low (17 million) . It's gona be in the billions .

  38. Jossell Araiza

    This video got me thinking if you would ever do a series of where you rundown the list of news for major, mid, and small cap cryptos. Might be too much for one video. Idk. But l'd love to see that maybe. Thanks.

  39. Bullish on aave this year. Should be interesting to see where it goes if we resume the bull market!

  40. nriamei 30

    Good night, good morning, good afternoon and good evening too