Day trading complete stretegy || daily Profit from Crypto || Urdu Hindi


Day trading in spot

Almost Daily you can earn profit from crypto if u learnt

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Responses (16)

  1. Masha Allah very nice work brother. Really good tips from an expert. thumbs up

  2. Sir . Well guidance but please share whatsapp group link

  3. Thankyou RI Team for helping us to understand crypto and earn from it 😇

  4. Very nyc sir,
    Clearing things step by step for me

  5. Thank you sir Allah ap ko jaza khair ata kare ameen

  6. This video cleared alot of my confusions and answered some questioned which i wanted to ask someone .. thanks sir ❣👍

  7. specially purchased 100 usdt for day to day trading

  8. Mashallah. Allah pak ap ko lambi umer dy

  9. 1st view 1st comment Ma Sha Allah Khaleeq bhai keep it up♥♥♥