Day Trading Crypto For Beginners Using Trading Bots 2022!


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0:00 Intro
1:18 Funding your account
3:42 Setting up your bot
7:20 Understanding profits
8:19 Buy and Sell zones
11:00 Taking profits
11:51 Is it worth it?

All opinions expressed in the video and this description are for entertainment only. You should consult a licensed professional before buying any cryptocurrency or digital assets. Everything in this YouTube channel is for entertainment only.


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Responses (40)

  1. Eddie Moon

    I know the markets been pretty rough, but hope everyone is having a wonderful December!

    In regards to fees, I believe there’s a 0.05% fee per transaction!
    The fees are all taken out the moment a trade is executed, so if I closed out my trading bot, all the profits shown after fees!

  2. Turn Bull James

    Thanks for your video is very helpful. If I should invest $500 how much profit will I be making in a month?

  3. Melvyn Manibusan

    Could you please do a video on how to deposit from Coinbase?

  4. Steven Famurewa

    But Is Tether safe?

  5. Messi The God

    What about fees

  6. Romain Osman

    Why don't you recommend putting a bigger percentage of your portfolio if it generates profit?

  7. Raiden_LG

    good video, i joined using your link a few months ago iv been trading BTC against Eth using the grid bot and made roughly 20% in 2 months, thanks for sharing and giving us great content !

  8. Coach Jamal

    I see an easy 1million sub potential in this 🌙moon

  9. bigheadrhino

    Hi, silly question… but does my bot need to be running on my own machine?

  10. G Street Games

    They do KYC now, so screw em!

  11. i recommend BITFXTRADING On telegram

    I'll forever be grateful for your help, God Bless you

  12. I recommend CHENTRADINGi On telegram

    I'll forever be grateful for your help, God Bless you

  13. Transcendent

    is it even possible for you to lose some money or even all of it through trading bots?

  14. Parish Parsa

    That was awesome. Thank you

  15. robert anderson

    <Well if you think the only best way to profit from bitcoin is by holding then you’re wrong. I make at least 0.18btc every week with Jessica Pierson's software.

  16. DriftlessCrypto

    Eddie, nice vid. Can you speak to tracking P&L? Does Poinex allow exporting transactions in CSV or an exchange API. I like the idea, but I run a tight ship.

  17. aaliaabbas

    I just made my first $20,000 in cryptocurrency I'm so glad I'm gonna have a successful retirement.

  18. Joshua M.

    Thank you for the video- I'm very interested in this! Can profits be automatically plowed back into what the bot is working with?

  19. Oleg - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

    Thank you Eddie, my bot (ETH/BNB) is running let's see what is that going to look like in 3-6 month

  20. ikust007

    Extremely well explained

  21. ikust007

    3:05 Eddie. Isnt better to NOT re use the same White List address ? Or then, why creating a new one?

  22. Tutu Foshoke

    Eddie coming thru with another great vid

  23. Amrinder Singh

    Can you make video on Olympus Dao?

  24. Rey Rios

    What about managing the taxes you owe every time you gain/loose?

  25. Cesar Cortes-Pinto

    small advice for a beginner? I trust your advice but have also been following my instinct’s, so far I’ve profited from basically nothing in a few days of starting.

  26. Keith Vasquez

    Hey Eddie awesome video , I’ve watched both videos and learned a lot as a beginner for day trading thank you for your hard work. I wanted to ask, would I be able to do this at a 250$ entry or is it recommended to do 500-1k $ entry instead? I was hoping to start small as my first year into investing and gradually increase my day trading

  27. Jades Fire Army

    Thanks Eddie!

  28. elmaschingon

    What are your thoughts on bitsgap?

  29. ikust007

    Strange that CDC don’t offer that. Kucoin does .

  30. Benson daniel

    How much do I need to get started

  31. Ceptember

    no hate but it's frustrating that only sponsored bots get publicity on YouTube when there are other and better trading bots that don't get mentioned

  32. Oliver Lillycrop

    Eddie the main mannnnnn

  33. Jackson Groove

    I've been searching for a good broker to trade with.anyone who knows one please lemme know.

  34. more about fees
    best video!!!
    amaizing info!!!
    thank you!!!

  35. Mug meoff

    Fantastic explanation of grid trading bots – very interesting idea for a newbie like me – Thank you

  36. Justin Detterline

    Hi Eddie. I've watched both of your pionex videos and I'm still lost on one major point. Can you explain the fees? Meaning how much is charged per transaction and how those fees are calculated into the profits. Or is there no fee per transaction and only the monthly fee?

  37. Billy Hughes

    Great vid Ed — thanks for sharing this info. Take care.

  38. dmoneybay

    was literally just thinking about day tradng crypto in 2023 and didnt know where to start, so thank you for this

  39. SAQ Video

    Add subtitles man please!

  40. Dr. Hayden Ollie

    I can say that we're staying in this BEAR market for another month. My sentence is based on the Charts Cyclical analysis, were its pretty clear that after reaching the ATH for most Cryptos we closed a six-monthly cycle and now since ONE MONTH we are into a new cycle, that is INVERSE, BEARISH, and goes on for some weeks. So don't PANIC my friends 😁 lets take this opportunity to ACCUMULATE and wait for the end of this cycle, which being an inverse one has the charateristic to END WITH A BIG PUMP.