Day Trading Crypto OR Holding? Which is more PROFITABLE?! And How to do BOTH!


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Online trading is a very risky investment/profession. It is not recommended and advised. Please proceed on your own responsibility.

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  2. Man just thanks for sharing this precious information! glad that I found your channel .. do u have instaram account or twitter?

  3. Thumps up! ,,,Thank You for sharing ideas sir,,it helps me

  4. Bro I had to quit forex just like you due to it not being permissible after 2.5 years and your video you made about quitting hit on point because I was very passionate about it too and successful. In terms of day trading are you trading crypto pairs or are you buying coins and owning them and then selling them at a higher price? Because leverage trading with crypto pairs would still be not permissible right?

  5. Bro, first of all thank you for sharing such important information in ur videos.. since last few days I am trading with ur knowledge I am in profit with my trading strategy.. it's working great for me 👍👍👍

  6. .hello Sorry to bother you. Business consultation and cooperation. Are you interested? Can you send me Telegram or WhatsApp? Thank you very much…

  7. Sir do your methods work in us equity markets?

  8. Good info, thanks! I'm trying to do some day trade in future..

  9. Bro I know you no longer trading binary but can you help and provide me with the indicators you used in that time. Like awesome oscillator and moving average or fractal and moving average. Thanks

  10. Appreciate sir you know your unique thing is that you make things too easy for everyone keep it up sir❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. No google dialer miui dialer plz🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. You have THE best videos on crypto
    You make it so simple
    Jazakallahu Khair

  13. what broker do u use to trade or hold crypto

  14. I miss your indicators in binary bro

  15. I missing your analize in forex bro