Day Trading Crypto Currency in a Bear Market! YES! It can be done believe me I’ve done it. Day Trading Crypto is never easy but if you wait for a big massive sell off to support area you can grab some nice profit on the bounce back. They key with this strategy is focusing on patience and waiting for the next big crash. We want to see blood in the streets before we start buying!

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Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. This is not financial advice. I am not a licensed or professional financial advisor.


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  1. I’m giving away a brand new Drone! Watch this video to find out how to win!

  2. Wow. Iv heard it all now

  3. Haha get ready for your video to get a burst in views Patrick 🤣😎

  4. Lmaoooo You got your wish this week!

  5. If y’all mfers just hodl, ya’ll be millionaires by now.

  6. It'd easier in a bear market

  7. Good stuff! Needed to hear something positive in this bear market!

  8. wheres link for that live past litecoin video?

  9. Thanks Patrick. But all you're saying is buy low, sell high. No real practical tips. What indicators do you use?

  10. Patrick no fees on Limit orders are great but its difficult to get filled on a quick pop or drop..Market orders seem to get the fills first. Frustrating

  11. How do we short cyrpto? I see no options on Binance to do so.

  12. Great Vid Pat! I was able to pick up LTC at the $100 mark last dip……..would love to see it happen again!

  13. how do i buy dgibite?

  14. Hi Patrick, is there any chance I could have a bit more information about the one click miner please. I have been mining DGB with CCminer7 with 5 x GTX 1070s using the Skein algorithm. I was getting about 160 DGB per day using about 500 watts of system power at the wall. I was wondering what algorithm the one click miner is going to focus on? Also do you know when DGB are going to start their PR campaign? Just because I want to buy some more before the price goes up.

  15. ADA is another good coin to trade if you want to trade the bounce

  16. Great video good perspective

  17. selling not good idea