Day Trading: Stocks vs Crypto | Beginners Guide


With the rising popularity of crypto, there are more options than ever when it comes to day trading. Which option is the best? It completely depends on your goals, skill level, confidence, risk tolerance, etc. Hopefully this guide can help you decide which option best suits your lifestyle. Crypto or stocks. Which one will you go with?

Recording Equipment I’m Using:

Laptop Floor Stand Adjustabable with Gooseneck Phone Holder

UBeesize Adjustable Phone Tripod

iPhone Lavalier Lapel Omnidirectional Condenser Mic

10” Ring Light with 50” Extendable Tripod Stand, Sensyne LED Circle Lights with Phone Holder

USB C/USB Microphone, COMICA STM-USB Professional Cardioid/Bi-Directional Condenser Microphone

***I am by no means an expert on these topics and all content should be taken as opinion. Please do your do diligence before putting your hard earned money in to any platform***


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Responses (3)

  1. great video

  2. Running Gag

    I like you're honesty and your perspective.

  3. NewbieMoney

    thanks for the video, i have been really interested in trying out crypto . i am going to wait to see a pull back on bitcoin and try it out.