December jobs report falls far short of estimates, unemployment rate dips to 3.9%


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Responses (36)

  1. FROM ME TO ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- IMMEDIATELYHACKER.TECH I WILL FOREVER BE GRATEFUL TO YOU BECAUSE YOU HAVE BROUGHT MY FAMILY OUT OF POVERTY, MAY YOU LIVE LONG💙

  2. Such a strong economy this empty suit installed pResident. That $.16 I saved for my 4th of July cookout is paying dividends.

  3. 3,9%….what a joke, the real number is nearly 10 times higher!

  4. Let’s Go Brandon!

  5. Job reports disappointing again??? Shocking!!! Let’s go Brandon

  6. Biden is bloody hopeless

  7. what about the 10 to 12 million that got discarded from unemploymenyt on Sept 6 ?? nobody asks? they fell off the system no wonder unemployment is low what a joke

  8. you can start to see the effects of mandates in certain cities in this job report. So much for inclusive job growth! jim crow 2.0????

  9. Gamblers and these TV pundits just need something to rig the markets and surprising that Fed plays along with them – all time stock market rises based on only a few stock manipulations, Tesla joker's smirks, food and housing and oil price rises beyond affordability – all explainable by flood of money from Fed into Wall Street while saying the money is for American people. Powell and Yellen combination has continued the ruin game of America that was started by Greenspan. With dummy Fed and Wall Street in control: capitalism goes to its natural conclusion- few trillionaires owning massive number of slaves barely making daily wages.

  10. Economy is fukt

  11. Is this what Cameltoe Harris meant by the economy is moving? Did she specify a direction! Moving down is still moving. So is moving backwards.

  12. Big institutions are killing the middle class since 1988 and the middle class been shrinking stock market was 3500 now it’s 35000 where’s the wealth of the middle class gone

  13. Job's numbers from government are bs, just about all government numbers are bs.

  14. Great data, stock markets to new all time highs rate hike cancelled along with no taper.

  15. Let’s Go Brandon.

  16. Many people starting businesses? With chaos comes opportunity. But then many new businesses do fail so this might be a temp bump. We do know people saved a lot of money over the past 2 years that could be used to start businesses.

  17. Everyone Living On Investment Income… AABB….IQST…..XDSL….VSBGF….. GULTU….. ALPP ..FOBIF…AI/ EV/ Crypto stocks.

  18. Sorry but only 3.9 percent uneployment rate is great. People are in the GIG ECONOMY and are not looking to return to hamsterwheel slavery

  19. A declining (or stagnant) labor force participation rate can decrease the headline unemployment rate.

  20. "Super weird" is putting it mildly.

  21. White, black, hispanic, Jewish unemployment rates? No wonder racism never ends in the US. Media companies play people against each other. They profit from racism being kept in the spotlight.

  22. Let’s go Brandon

  23. Do we really talk about different ethnicity unemployment ratessss wtfffff kind of world are we in

  24. Believe what you like a business survey is much more accurate than knocking on a door of a household!

  25. Dec. NFP and unemployment rate indicate: a) labor shortage and/or contraction of job creation; b) full employment have been successfully reached as 3,9% unemployment is already well below the rational minimum. Normal average unemployment is about 5%, referring that there are always people unable to find a job due to the personal or educational problems.

  26. Trump added more jobs every Month (except April) in 2020 during the shut down than Biden did in 2021!

  27. The Economy suckssssssssssss

  28. I got the lipstick, where is that damn pig?

  29. I'll be watching Biden today at 10:45am on how our economy is doing great because of the low unemployment number which doesn't reflect reality.

    Lets pretend the roaring inflation doesn't exist and print more money for our politicians everybody!

  30. Unemployment is a needle in a haystack so some don't apply.

  31. Can’t sugar coat this miss. Stop it

  32. Thats not really helping the fed.

  33. The U-3 unemployment rate is literally a joke. Nobody takes it seriously

  34. Reading numbers is idiotic….put it on the screen so we can correlate numbers really