Democrats have 'turned on a dime' on filibuster issue: Byron York


Fox News contributor Byron York expects Democrats’ effort to get rid of the filibuster will go ‘nowhere’ #FoxNews

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Responses (24)

  1. La hipocresía de estos llamados dirigentes demócratas no tiene límites

  2. What’s frightening is pundits like Byron York laughing at the hypocrisy of the Democrats.

    “Hypocrisy is the audacity to preach integrity from a den of corruption.”
    — Wes Fesler

  3. It would jeopardise the future of the country
    For the WORSE 100 percent guaranteed.

  4. Imagine an agenda "so great" for the American people that you can't even pass it while controlling the House and having your cackling moron VP providing a tie breaker in the Senate.

  5. Democrats wants more problem for Americans. Possible civil war.

  6. Our government should not be fighting against each other.

  7. LIVE and teach TRUTH!!!!!!!!!ALWAYS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Schumer thinks he's a movie star. Just a senile snake.

  9. Every day seeing the Democratic Party of Socialism compete for the Presidency, keep asking Joe Biden to give up his position to run for the election in 2024 shows that the Democratic Party is too weak in terms of national defense, economic security, and has no plan to tackle inflation. growing up and just hoping to become the President to corrupt, the American people are tired of the hypocrisy of the Socialist Democratic Party, who only promises to have fun and can't do anything, the 4-year legacy of President Trump left Joe Biden destroyed all, but the Democratic Party hopes to conspire to vote by mail to cheat victory, bring in illegal immigrants, get votes, and invisible elections. no residence address border crisis is getting more and more serious . heroin trafficking cocaine fatamyl looting everywhere, US economy alarming inflation 6.9% debt ceiling can surpass 30 million dollars the government will close at the end of 2022

  10. Just thought I'd let you know your website is not working I've tried it for 2 weeks it's nothing but a big scam…..
    The government should be ashamed of themselves for doing that what a bunch of crap !!!!!!!!

  11. Democrats are preparing for invisible elections in 2022 and Chuck Schumer is demanding that the filibuster be abolished, using the law for the people, this is a socialist policy underway in the US, voting without ID or nationality There is a communist game going on in the US, if we don't stop it in time, it will be considered as no longer legal elections, all illegal immigrants can vote for President and vote by mail. Cheats carry passports around the US to vote. Now the Socialist Democratic Party has failed the economy, security and defense and has become an official communist country. Hope is that the Republican Party prevents the socialist election, the Party elects the people, if not elected. For the Communist Party of Democratic Party, we do not have the right to work, social security. We must define which is the liberal Republican Party, which is the communist party.

  12. Chuck Schumer should play The Penguin and replace Danny Devito in the next Bat Man movie

  13. Why didn't you Right people rise up like zombies and attack OUR government when Obama was elected ? Did you feel rage when Obama was President ?

  14. No Uncle Doug,

    In the case of voting rights the Right does not want to allow non-white people to have power.
    For example, Fox people: Long ago, McConnell vowed to blockade Obama's ideas. Why ? ? ?
    McConnell was disgusted that a black man was elected as President.

  15. The filibuster in general is a waste of our tax dollars. Both sides use it. It needs to go away. The problem is one side or the other only brings it up when it’s inconvenient to them.

  16. Democrats are very unstable

  17. Thank you for standing up for what is right

  18. Do NOT call a Democrat House a 'Democratic House'. They are NOT 'Democratic' they are Democrats, the correct phrase is 'Democrat House'. I also suggest you use phrases such as 'so-called progressive' 'so-called liberal' just as you would use 'so-called Islamic State'

  19. That guy is very ignorant

  20. It just feels like civil war is on the horizon. So many horrendous crimes against humanity done with this administration.

  21. Democrats want to turn this country into communist or dictatorship country, hey democrats how about all democrats go to China or Cuba live for a yr or two

  22. He says it will be doomsday for democracy. Well I hope democracy dies. America is supposed to be a Constitutional Capitalist Republic.

  23. This means America would be no more