Design a '3D' NFT Card using Adobe XD


Let’s dive into Adobe XD and explore how 3D Transforms can help design and animate an NFT-style card with a built-in infinity mirror. 🤯







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Responses (26)

  1. NFT'S are selling like hot cakes.

  2. Maaaaan how do I export the project so that I can mint it as an NFT tho??

  3. Any ideas how you can do this in Aero, the 3d window effect? .. ive tried to explain this to the adobe forums, but i dont think they quite understand the concept im describing .. which is the above at 36.30

  4. This is amazing:) thank you so much!!

  5. Is there any chance that 3D objects following mouse movement will be added to XD? And animations happening on scroll?

  6. When you copy and paste contents as you want it outside the group how do you manage to move it above Card, border. I cannot seem to be able to move the position in the tree once pasted.

  7. i got through half of the video and I'm loving it as my art has taken an extra step being more productive…..

  8. This was an awesome video that I could follow pretty well as an amateur. I got stuck for a little bit when you messed up. Trying to figure out how you moved the layers forward and backwards got me. Once I over came that I created a masterpiece! However I was disappointed XD has no good way to export the animation’s. To my knowledge.

  9. You forgot to animate this 51:10

  10. Hey Howard, please post your Foundation profile man.

  11. Nice.
    How do you export this ? As a video with the animation thanks

  12. Very good ,thank you

  13. Very creative – well done!

  14. i want to create text in various shapes like in AI.

  15. Hey howard. what would be your advise for beginners to XD who are not so creative but love what they do?

  16. 39:29 Have you tried flipping it all the way around? 😉
    spoiler alert – not too exciting.

    also I now finished it all by myself. once again superb! thank you

  17. nice work, makes me want to pick up Xd again….i wonder if they've bothered to fix the UI on XD in windows yet…

  18. True legend of adobe xd 😊

  19. We need "GIF" on prototype. ❤️

  20. Love this, watching you inspires me to create!

  21. how do you print it to a holographic card?

  22. This is such an awesome tutorial Howard, thanks for sharing it with us!

  23. I don't know anyone better than Howard when it comes to Adobe XD. True legend!