Dogecoin Analysis


A look at the rise of the cryptocurrency Dogecoin in 2021, and how it relates to Elon Musk and Memetics. Predictions and fortunes within. THIS IS NOT INVESTING ADVICE

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Responses (35)

  1. Wow your first video I don't disagree with.

  2. The more people buy and hold the less it can be manipulated and the price will go up.

  3. The philosophers stone at the end was a nice touch.

  4. thank you so much for sharing your insights and knowledge, this is a unique perspective i dont hear talked about deeply

  5. This aged wonderfully lol

  6. I'm from the futuere dodge hit 15 dollars.

  7. You are a genius. The Ángel Gabriel speaks through you

  8. You can now buy Dallas Mavericks tickets with Doge! Go Mark Cuban!

  9. Keep coming back to this

  10. I return to this video once in a while. Made a small fortune because of it. Thank you so much. Memes Matter.

  11. Well, this turned out to be intredasting

  12. thank you much meme analysis

  13. This video was life changing

  14. 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  15. Well hopefully you all bought

  16. Spreading the idea of dogecoin seems like a missionary thing to do. dorime🙏

  17. Already up to 6 cents going on 7

  18. Welp, I just invested $69 in Doge. Cheers.

  19. Doge coin to the moon

  20. He called it early, a meme prophet

  21. I feel like sometimes you overcomplicated things than what they really are. But ig that's what philosophers do lol

  22. Here from the future!

  23. Ayo. The prophecy came true. Up 800% now. Fucking comfy

  24. Hey man thanks for making this video. Prophetic.

  25. Fuck robinhood. I bought doge at 1.7 and sold at 3.9 bu because of delays or some shit OVE LOST 2K. Fuck robinhood

  26. i bought 600 doge

  27. OMG!!! Check the price RIGHT NOW!!

  28. This was investing advice – ty MemeAnalysis!

  29. Bought dogecoin thanks to this vid, and here we are


  31. Came to this video after hearing about GME and then checking Dogecoin … oh Lord was I suprised. I knew it was gonna happened (even before I watched this video) but still I was left speechless. Weaponized Autism is some scary stuff.

  32. My man out here looking like a prophet

  33. I should've listened 😔