Dogecoin Sky Rockets to The Moon


Elon Musk needs to see this


T rack: Yusuf Alev – Yoros
Music Provided by Magic Records
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Responses (45)

  1. Can somebody tweet this to Elon Musk XD

  2. Kristijan Antolovic

    Come on Doge, do something already

  3. Ranid007

    And where its now ?

  4. Faisal Ali

    doggo coin

  5. Vexif Gaming

    Now make one for the fall of doge coin

  6. prudiceflc

    epic!))) xD

  7. GOUENDÉ BAYENI gesnerf


  8. sasta_BSNL

    Wtf was that

  9. Jacstatefarm


  10. Bunnss Galore

    This aged poorly

  11. Sasdave Akhtar 7.2

    I just realize its funny number

  12. dorlandt2

    Hahahahahahaha i almost pissed my pants😂😂😂

  13. Maha Dev

    This…. Lmfao like rofl. Love this

  14. aRTiEJay

    This is like the highest quality of memes I've ever seen

  15. aRTiEJay

    I now regret not putting my life savings into dogecoin

  16. nick 450

    big coins dont make money


    Music name plZ

  18. Joao Marcos

    Back tô earth

  19. Guodlca

    Bitcoin is already an outdated, unscalable, retarded massive waste of energy, so why a literal joke designed much the same is still even worth mentioning today is just proof for how deep into fucktardedness this planet is willing to go to fuck itself over.

  20. Paula Dumesny

    Did anyone notice that the it had a 69420 in it funny number

  21. KageDevShorts

    Jokes aside but that man has some good dance moves noice.

  22. Some guy with a blunt

    doge coin sucks

  23. Patah gaming

    Why im not buy it

  24. LovlyAmit 1994

    😂😂😂 😹

  25. Ajay Naik

    Legends says that the reason reason why dogecoin got dumped bcz this guy stop dancing

  26. Drishtant Singh

    To da moon!

    And mars.

  27. D⃣ Ø⃣ W⃣ Ñ⃣

    i remember looking up "dogecoin" in the iphone stocks app in like 2018 when it was a meme

  28. Mustafa Manya

    this aged well lol

  29. Hovan theCool

    It's all cool but then you realize you can't buy Dogecoin through reputable trading companies like Charles Schwab so people like me are left in the dust…..

  30. Feroz ff

    Elon's edit ate my soul 💀

  31. executioner

    the cherry on top it stopped at 69420

  32. Viole _0104


  33. hamad1027

    this video is useless now

  34. PHDTree


  35. Pieceof Shitzu

    Well this aged well…


    Still not worth even a full dollar lmao

  37. Hehe now it's 0.21 the doggo is not habvy 🙁

  38. RudolfMaster

    fuck investing into bitcoin, doge for life

  39. Pika Chu

    I got a dodge coin ad before this vid lol

  40. Randy Gangster راندي العصابة

  41. Best meme content i ever watch is at NikTek lmao

  42. when i first discovered it was roughly 0.008$ and as a meme i bought 100000 dogecoins and moments later i withdrew a whopping 40k+

  43. Encrypted - Aviation and Sightings

    Song name plssss

  44. YamanekoKeys

    Most accurate meme

  45. Navneet

    I wish my younger self asked for bitcoin instead of a playstation.