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Project 1: Collider Craftswork

Project 2: Troverse

Project 3: Doodle Punks

Project 4: Meta Nanos

Project 5: Munchies


Here are some early NFT projects that will go big and could potentially give out BIG PROFITS!


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Responses (35)

  1. Donate a dollar everytime I say "Super"! 😆

  2. Troverse is really amazing! Looking forward to seeing it blow up!

  3. Wa alaykum asalam, bro have you seen Azuki? I remembered you mentioned them in a previous vid, the floor price is now 2.72eth

  4. Munchies are the best project cus is a new idea wow

  5. It's troverse, it's going to be a big one out of all. Exploring different worlds with the different details it brings to the nft world, absolutely love it!

  6. Doodle Punks has good opportunity to make moves by developing on areas where original ones are not planning to work and expand.

  7. Hey nft buzz first of all awesome video my fav project is the collider craftwork but man you gotta check out the smoky ape basement club nft its awesome 😀😀😀

  8. Amazing work! Keep it up!

  9. THE MUNCHIES PROJECT IS SO COOL LOOKING like u said the trippy art style is so cool to look at and pretty

  10. I am really hyped up for Troverse. Maybe I had been a gamer since my childhood that's why or maybe this concept of minting nfts thru such immersive gaming is a lot appealing.

  11. Brilliant work boy !!
    It's pleasure to view your channel to see someone from Pakistan working brilliant on NFT, METAVERSE and etc..

  12. I'm really excited and appreciate you for bringing amazing collection of NFT.

  13. Never seen such art work before
    Very satisfying

  14. Myn the projects you are giving are to epic
    Thanlk you!!

  15. Hi, great content brother… thanks for all the info you share. I was looking for NFT based channel for a while, finally came across you.. have watched so many of your videos and spreading the word among friends about you. ETH give away is awesome..👍 keep doing the great work.. God bless you 🙏

  16. Collider Craftswork is the most excited project in all .

  17. The troverse one was the best

  18. I liked the cypher project

  19. Doodle punks look cool and its simplicity catches the attraction of people.

  20. Definitely most excited about collider craftworks

  21. Collider craftswork seems very interesting and visually appealing

  22. troverse was my favorite

  23. OH Collider Craftwork is so clean man

  24. I'm super bullish about Collider Craftswork, crazy talentd team and dope art. All team members are transparent and shared their details & pictures on website which usually reduces the chance of rug-pull.

  25. Troverse is my pick as well great art and there is a huge potential in it.. So I will go with that one, other projects are good as well. But I love that one.

  26. I think Troverse project will rock because everyone like to do adventure in this project we have lot of adventures so i think there is future

  27. Been following meta nanos for a while, found it in your discord. Plus, I really like troverse. I mean the planets look incredible and the details are sick!!

  28. I am following Meta Nanos for past couple of weeks, and they really sound amazing. Cool characters. I don't know if I am making any sense but Meta Nanos characters at Troverse planet will make a good combo haha

  29. I think doodle punk is going to be good 😅

  30. I am excited bout DOODLE PUNKS

  31. Currently I'm in love with collider would love their wl

  32. Check out the Abominable Bunch legit people.

  33. Whats the application or website for Nfts??

  34. I like what Collider is doing! Dope!