Earn ETH and NFTs with Gods Unchained!!


Gods Unchained is a game changing trading card game built on blockchain that rewards players with NFTs that can be sold for ETH. In this video, we discuss why you should be playing Gods Unchained and how much money can potentially be earned.

Sign up for Gods Unchained:
Use referral code when signing up: nrWZhBJjOj

WARNING: The comments are full of scammers lately! There are even accounts using my name and logo!

00:00 Gods Unchained Intro
0:32 What is Gods Unchained?
2:52 Immutable X Layer 2 Ethereum Solution
3:48 NFT Card Sold for over $62k (140 ETH)
4:48 Immutable Genesis Sale
5:04 Get $20 of ETH Signing Up for Gods Unchained
5:40 How to play Gods Unchained and sample match
12:10 NFT Cards Market Place
13:30 How to build your own deck
14:00 How to make money with Gods Unchained
14:29 Video outro

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Music Credit:
BLVK – Under the Trees

Music by: Aso – Loungin

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Responses (44)

  1. Anyone here invested in Pyr, kda, uos, metahero, or cgg?

  2. I want to claim the referral code, I have an account from 2 days ago….can I still do it? btw my gf wants to start as well so is it still good to use? Please and thank you :). And have to say I LOVE THIS GAME plus that we can make money while enjoying!!!! AMAZING <3

  3. Shiryo inu . Awesome new project. Get in early folks . The games going to be fantastic , and the reflection rewards are great as well

  4. @GodsUnchained , devs downgrading cards when they want, making cards owners loose money.
    this is not acceptable, people should be aware.
    the actual value and power of the card you own, even if you paid them from your pocket, can change at any moment.
    your card can worth 100$ today and 0$ tomorrow.

  5. Hello, just wanted to come back after 7 months and say thank you!! Just got a huge aidrop!

  6. Can you mine this or buy it anywhere I see it doesn’t have a market cap so it’s a 👶 coin which is great time to get in guys, I think could be great fun in years to come and these games will be compatible for PCs/phones and hardware consoles too hope

  7. Krow kaw kawww!!!

  8. I've been playing for a while and I haven't earned a dollar. I wonder how this is play to earn. The reward cards you get you can't actually sell…

  9. Interestingly, I did not see "solo" or "ranked" on my the front page, why that happening?

  10. How do I buy GODS token???

  11. The biggest nft card game? Thats a bold statement!

  12. On market i only see "buy" , i don't see "sell". Why?

  13. the way you pronounced hearthstone…

  14. does your link still work now?
    for the 20$ Eth

  15. We want to see Cryptofights.

  16. Hello, why when i open my GU on my PC then start to play rank, unfortunately something pop out (unity box i guess) then my rank game closed, please help

  17. hi iwanna ask a question that we cant play this game unless buy some packs ? thx for your reply

  18. Hello, Can we play it in Android device.

  19. @jrnycrypto I don't know why but by me your referral code dosn't work..

  20. The game looks cool, I can see the how usefull NFTs could be in online TCG, but I'm not sure this game in particular will be popular long term, and so is worth the time invested in earning cards… At least there is a secondary market to sell cards when you stop playing I definetly find that very cool. If all games used that system it could be very cool, but I can't see this as an investment.
    NFTs are cool but at the end of the day you just own the image of the card, not the licence or the right to use the concept and do merch of the card etc… So for me it's more meaningfull to invest my time and money in things than I can own totally (wrighting a book, creating art…than in just pictures of things that I did not create)

  21. All card games are pay to win wtf?

  22. Lmao. “Review this game”. Few sentences later “Sponsored by this game”. K, thx

  23. Its highly p2w

  24. am I late on starting at Gods unchained?

  25. I have played Gods Unchained for about 155 hrs of ingame play. During this time i have gotten about 13 legendaries. 1 of them i managed to get duplicate which is necesssary for them to be fused & this tradable as NFT on Eth Blockchain. Current value of The legendary in meteroite quality is about 0,89 Eth. This has a lot of potential

  26. Wow 85k views on a Gods Unchained video. Impressive

  27. so i can actully make money playing this game

  28. can't even connect to web wallet 🙁

  29. I didn’t see a spot to use your referral code

  30. Hello, I'm new to forex trade and I have been making huge losses but I recently see a lot of people earning from it. Can someone please give me a new strategy or at least tell me what I'm doing wrong?

  31. I cant make an account nor download the game. why that?

  32. Been playing GU since launch….glad to see the NFT market blowing up!

  33. U realy scam us with these scan game they dont give me 20$ in eth for complete quest… ill unsubscrbe ur chanel 🤢🤮😠

  34. just got my 20 bucks in ETH yesterday!

  35. imagine getting paid to play games as a regular person. oh wait, now we can.

  36. Can I connect the game with my wallet? Or how does it work

  37. The Nft system is offline and the game literally throws you in the deep end and its boring and slow

  38. Hey my metamask got hacked from the connect an account challenges for the free $20 ETH. Be careful everyone

  39. How long does it take to get the $20 reward? I’ve completed the challenges

  40. Dude. Started playing and got my GF playing. Game is so fun. Thanks a lot!

  41. What's the best starter deck?