Easy Crypto Day Trading Strategy Anyone can Do | Tamil


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  1. Bro konjam nalla explain panni erukkalam residence line la neenga enna sonningane puriyala.enga Anga nu chart ah move pannuniga avolo than indicator eppati enable pannumunu sollala new ah pakkara appo onnum puriyala bro

  2. Per day how many trades possible?on binance

  3. Bro daily trading entha coin invest panalamnu message pannuvingala groupla, telegram or whatapp group iruka

  4. I appreciate its very Crystal Clear Voice.. keep it up..its Good work.. God Bless U…

  5. Tq bro nalla solli irukiga 🤝

  6. Bro binance treading fees namma tread pantra coinla than fees eduppangala

  7. More trading strategy videos make panuga bro

  8. vaathiyarey arumayana info soneenga RSI pathi.idhu theriyama ivlo naal trade pannitu eruken

  9. Learned some extra knowledge bro 🔥

  10. Tqqqq sooooo much Ji super

  11. Sir I don't understand what you explained about red and green candles. What is the difference between thick and thin green and red lines

  12. Nice explained bro

  13. Bro cripto coin வாங்க எது best and safe app inu சொல்லுங்க bro.

  14. Crypto is investment platform not day trading platform dont take huge pressure and loss.. 2022 jan correction agum apo investment pannitu kammunu 2 years vidunga.. 😍😜

  15. Good update bro…. keep it up

  16. Super bro make ithis type video more
    Romba useful ah irukku …

  17. Why breathe heavily??? Talk slowly

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