Ecomi / OMI – Pokemon Trading Card Game NFT's On ImmutableX?? – Let's Investigate! 🔎


This is not confirmation of Pokemon on Veve.. but let’s take a look at the details and investigate! Is this real? Is it fake? What could this mean for Ecomi / Veve and overall immutable X? Let’s do the research together and see what we can put together.. If this is real.. Let’s review why this is potentially the big secret that Ecomi / Veve are saying could be a worlds 1st..
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Responses (40)

  1. Taps Trades

    🛑 WATCH OUT FOR SCAMMERS USING MY PICTURE! – I will never tell you to contact me on WhatsApp or give out contact info, ignore them 🛑

  2. forces19

    I now think the apps first might of been Disney @?

  3. Thanks Taps! Appreciate the research

  4. Dave Baldwin

    The link has been put on a redirect and the Pokemon references in the UAT environment removed… interesting!

  5. Isaacsmile

    If you run a 'who is look up' on the sites and compair they seem to be on the same domain so its legit to me.

  6. Ms Gabi38

    I love the project. But why with ecomi team all is so long? Maybe I am too enthusiastic

  7. marillion45

    Awesome as always. Thanks for this Taps! The real MVP

  8. James Allen

    I'd guess they are going to announce Pokémon sooner than later. I know a lot of people think they will wait until next year but if they are aiming for 3-5 million users next year and they don't want to spend a fortune on marketing, then if you announce Pokémon it will market itself.

  9. Ecomi Junkie

    VeVe is to confident not to have Pokémon!!⭕️💯🚀

  10. Pokaido D

    Reaching quite a bit but still exciting

  11. Pokaido D

    If God's unchained already has something working then I would think someone would look to take advantage of what was already in place

  12. davied miller

    Great call!!

  13. Ecomi Junkie

    Why not contact IMX and ask them?

  14. WChampfx

    the amount of tabs you have!

  15. stackinsatoshi

    I really hope this is not real…. I don't have the cash to buy the current dips. I don't need more distractions….

  16. It's fake or a test because it doesn't show up anymore.

  17. CaliCryptoDude -Mel

    We use UAT test environments at work. Yup me this seems legit. Nice work looking into this, and I’m willing to bet this is the real deal.

  18. Christine Gonzales

    Thanks, I'll be sharing with us a cool NFT, research Metawars, you'll love this cool space adventure Gamefi

  19. Mike Wiggins

    If this is legit I think this is bad for veve! This to me means it's not going to be on veve but it's own thing

  20. Luke001⭕️

    Thanks for the video 👍

  21. rezlone

    Pokemon confirmed

  22. Robz Deniro

    If pokemon card game comes to veve in nft format. That will change the game….but could it be that pokemon is just on immutable x but not on veve??

  23. Julian’s TikTok

    Could just be devs putting up sample images to test functionality. Pretty standard for devs to put up a bunch of stuff to test with.

  24. Blake Scheurle

    Interesting cause they’re getting ready to shut down the current Pokémon TCG online right now and already announced a new version coming to the App Store

  25. When is the Immutable X transfer, they said September…….

  26. Salvador S

    Going thru Cavell videos: "$10 OMI, $10 OMI, $10 OMI" 💀💀

  27. Kyle Willson

    Thanks for the shoutout! Great stream!

  28. Whippets_Run

    so instead of buying with eth we will see omi next to the item? get the f out of here lol

  29. Ruum Media Content

    Do you think Ecomi will be able to transition to IMX and get onto large exchanges during this last quarter of the bull run? From an investors "only' perspective would you not move into assets that will moon if Ecomi cannot make good on its promises / (statements) in the short term?

  30. Erv Douglas

    This is for immutable not for veve. Omi won't feel the pump

  31. Crronor

    Great video 👍👍👍 Fingers crossed.


    it's all in the burns baby! how fast we get to a dollar rests on this… buckle up bois VeVe verse is gonna be epiiic

  33. Kyle Wilson getting a promotion 😅

  34. Defiant

    I agree that Pokemon will be coming to Veve in someway. However, the logo we see in ImmutableX (the trading card game) is already a game licensed by Pokemon themselves and we are unlikely to see Veve take those rights. Pokemon is doing their own thing with this, so its actually not the best news for those that are hoping Pokemon cards are coming to Veve. Yuhioh on the other hand maybe…

  35. Craig's CoinPurse

    Man looks solid! If it's a fake it's a solid fake.

  36. SpryEnd

    Hey Taps,
    First Of all this is crazy News!
    Second ‚ Do you remember when david Said in the latest ama that They got something big signed up and it is a „wolds“ first? Maybe somehow it is releated to this who knows?

  37. Toasty!!!!

    My takeaway from this news is that pokemon is doing their own thing on immutable x

  38. They need to hire a lot of people lol

  39. Mop Bucket

    Can’t you look who owns the domain? See if it matches the immutable site? On my phone so I can’t look.

  40. GuitarJamz

    Hey Tapps this is Tim Veve user Id Whiteslash, There has been so much info and not sure which AMA, but it was recent and David mentioned a brand new category that would be huge, could this be the Tie in?