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Tracy Ball, a mentor at Real Life Trading, is back for another edition of the TradingView How-To Series. This time to show you exactly how you can share a copy of your chart layout and setup, so others can easily make a copy of it within their own TradingView account! She’ll also show you how to save Indicator Templates and more.

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Responses (16)

  1. Thankyou. I have two questions 1. Can we hide the indicators to show on other screen/pc. 2. What if i turn off the first screen or pc? can other screen still see the same layout?

  2. Tracy, it is also possible to use a single tradingview link to share Multiple custom annotated charts. I do not yet know how it is done. Do you know of a resource that shows how to do this?

  3. great voice, great knowledge. thanks for all your efforts.

  4. Great video, I have a question: Its possible copy a chart from an exchange and view it on the tradingview page? Because they are pairs or symbols that are in the exchange but doesn't appear on the tradingview symbols list and the charts are powered by tradingview.
    Another solution from my problem is to import a custom indicator to the exchange chart powered by trading view, because in the mayority of exchanges only have a few of indicators. Thanks

  5. wow.. That's super useful !

  6. This was incredibly helpful. Thank you so much 🌹!

  7. Nice Tutorial! Thank you. Just to add up (an easy access tip) for the chart template (appearance) setup you can simply right click with the mouse, save and access templates later. It is named – 'Color Theme'.

  8. How to share on Twitter? It only shows the URL address, not the chart itself

  9. Hi. I'm using free version. I'm trying to save charts in tabs… so i can load up charts i was looking at. This is important for my workflow.. but when i load up a tab i've saved.. it takes me to a different chart, no matter which i save. is there an option to get around this?

  10. This was incredibly helpful. Thank you so much :)!

  11. Thanks for the video, i am trying to share my charts with people. But for some reason, they cannot change the currency pair, only the pair that is open when i copy my link. ANy idea?