Expect Trump to run for president: Lindsey Graham


South Carolina senator explains why Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell must work with Trump for the success of the Republican Party on ‘America Reports.’ #FoxNews
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Responses (28)

  1. Donna Torres


  2. Sara Dale

    Yes, yes, TRUMP is running! Mr. L. Graham. Great job.

  3. christenmcmahon mcmahon

    Good one LG saying run for POTUS and nothing about winning the race. Expect another loss.

  4. Donna Torres

    Yeah Trump

  5. Andre Wingate

    He is so clueless. Since last year. Republican who use to support Trump. Now lie in publicbabout their support for Trump to avoid being blackmailed balled.. And so good Republicans won't win cuz Graham Saya we never win as a team. But Trump will never be apart of a team. TRump says he can fix everything that is broken
    no clue that for a year now

  6. maynunal

    The same Alex Jones who claimed he was asked BY THE WHITE HOUSE to lead the march to the Capitol after the Elipse speech?

    That guy?

  7. Free America

    We need BIDEN out before there is no country left for Trump to save

  8. Kim Szabo

    How about putting our real President back in the White House. Trump!! 🇺🇸

  9. maynunal

    Stewart Rhodes spewed anti-government hate for more than a decade. Alex Jones gave him the audience

  10. Lawrence Veinotte

    America will not recover till Ron Desantis become president, Trump got hoodwinked over the BS non-vaccine.

  11. Usa Christmas

    He’ll run, win, and will dismantle DC. Sorry folks theirs just no other way, the DC criminals will always protect themselves no matter their crimes. They must be removed and face a legit justice department if we want our country back.

  12. Hen Hua


  13. maynunal

    Dan Bongino is what you get when you have an open bar at a family reunion. 😁

  14. maynunal

    YouTube has suspended and demonetized Dan Bongino's channel for spreading covid information.

    It's a bad time to be a bullshitter. 🤣

  15. dallasbrat81

    i love trump but I think his mouth is to toxic to himself with a bias press we could be stuck with Hillery . So USA first and pass the tourch so many good GOP younger choices

  16. Sandra Smith doesn't have a fricken clue.

  17. Susie Cheeks

    President Trump is the only one called by God for the presidential position don't any of you all get it you will see what God says goes count on it!!!!!!

  18. Lindsey Graham is a stooge.

  19. Throw Away

    Fox is the fake news we know that.

  20. Travis Sarenenasr

    To hell with Mitch. He’s a politician first and gives no shits about the people. No no no.

  21. You don't need to be emotionally invested in politics or cult of personality to appreciate policies that work for Americans.


    Trump is a businessman not a politician and this country needs to be ran that way. He stopped paying out millions to other countries and our military was the strongest. Make America great again!!!!

  23. Anthoney Grose

    I like Linsey Grahm … He and Mike Pompeo have been the most solid , unwavering and Loyal , Rubio and Cruz are two of my favorites , I don't support Latino Republicans for votes , well atleast not those two lol, they are good men , and there are Great Latino people out there , Honestly , there are alot of bad guys too. But Good Men , try to be Good Men , weather anyone is watching or not , as a Pagan / Wiccan , I'd like to remind you that , Good Men are not Good because they fear punishment from man or God , they are Good Men , because here in America, like the Gypsy Pot heads I grew up with , We are all trying to make the world a better place , we are all equall , and we work to get ahead , to make a good life for our family , becasue at 36 years old , I've lived well and squandered great things , and i've lived hard and cherrished small things… If we get our hearts and minds together , nothing is impossible and we can change the world tomorrow. ❤💯

  24. Vessie Taylor

    I expected Trump to run and win in 2024 when they announce Biden won this one.
    He'll has no fury as a man who can rebound with the whole nation behind him because of the way Biden ruled his nation….
    May God have mercy and bless this giant mess in the lives of the so called little people.

  25. Awaken Now To Love & Truth

    Mitch needs to retire..get new young ppl

  26. Myles Raymond

    If I could give one bit of advice to Trump it would be to stop endorsing the jab–just shut up about it.

  27. Michael Lawrence

    McConnell can not ever be TRUSTED ! He has proven this to Americans. Mr. Graham weasel man the same.

  28. Bradley Stuart

    We can do better than Trump