Fauci 'obsessed' with himself, not with solutions for the country: Tammy Bruce


Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce weighs in on the heated hearing between Dr. Fauci and Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., as the debate over the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic continues

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Responses (29)

  1. Colin Van Nurden

    I love Tammy, she's sharp.

  2. Alice K.


    Megan Redshaw

  3. Replace US' CDC staff and WHO staff. No one would keep them for such long time failures. Tired of these inefficent managment. Investigate Wuhal lab what went wrong and who finananced etc and take severe action.
    There should be a commission to investigate on black lives matter protests and riots. why it started in election year and why it ended just after election.
    You guys don't halt international travel and making all ages suffering and kids missing school. By this time US should have been without virus. Stop travel domestic and international.

  4. Saul Gude

    Please. Just once somebody ask Fauci if he feels as confident now as he was in the 80s with his advice on AIDS. Which was totally wrong.

  5. White Dove

    Dr Fauci,,,,,, You're FIRED!! LIAR?!?!?

  6. Let’s go Brandon

    Too bad cops stopped that man from Sacramento.

  7. Charles Starks

    Keep fighting these clowns Dr,

  8. Johnny Forgettejr

    Dangle fauci

  9. Johnny Forgettejr

    If you believe a word this tool or any other tool for this Beast system Says there's no hope for you

  10. Transformers2Fan1

    This nutjob doesn't ever actually refute any accusations, just believes he's a literal demigod who doesn't have to account to anyone.

  11. Power in the wrong hands can be dangerous that man is a lier justice must come for all those lost lifes and who left behind subject to abuse bullying control dictatorship this all must come to a end enough… people lifes are demage and these people in charge are leading us the wrong way fear fight against each other who refuse a trial vaccine name calling blaming.. most stop united we stand divided we fall we need each other

  12. Tyler Durden

    It's adorable, he thinks we believe him when he talks.

  13. NORTHBROOK1978

    I can't remember the details..but he did this before with the AIDS epadimic..

  14. Martin Neumeyer

    End that evil and corrupt New World Order regime!

  15. DEBRA West

    He needs to go to jail

  16. Feather

    3rd person? Dr. Fauci, is that something we should be concerned about?

  17. Mimsical Renegade

    Send Fauci To The Electric Chair 💺

  18. Jackie Zaccaria-Nelson

    Fauci is a lier!!

  19. Deify Samurai

    Hes like a keebler elf that cant bake

  20. Rosa Lopez

    God bless Rand Paul.dr.f is a political

  21. Edwin Rivera


  22. Linda Saggers


  23. Linda Saggers


  24. D Douglass Longsuffering


  25. Marie Katherine

    What I want to know, is who elected Dr. Fauci? I didn’t vote for him. I don’t anyone who voted for him. So, who’s gonna own him!

  26. Emoryn Sixx

    Fauci is a politician, not a doctor

  27. Roger Gaylord

    Just fire Dr. Fauci already. He's been stealing from the American people for way too long.

  28. mike shoemaker

    Fauci think nonone else is on their way. Wake up call sir. Change your ways.

  29. mike shoemaker

    Fauci acts like middle school girl