Fauci's NIH caught funding more 'cruel' experiments: PETA


Senior vice president at PETA Kathy Guillermo discusses an NIH-funded experiment subjecting male monkeys to hormone treatment in HIV/AIDS research. #FoxNews #Tucker

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Responses (39)

  1. MADAM X

    bastard created HIV

  2. daniel rodriguez

    Well what is going to happen about this is it more new swept under the rug.

  3. Ron Shook


  4. The Keystone Channel

    Fauci is the modern Dr Mengele

  5. Paula Ons

    Time to start a world wide petition bring him to justice he's pure D/evil

  6. Paula Ons

    He's discusting evil pig put him in a cage why is he still walking around .

  7. Patricia Johnsonson

    Fauci is the picture of evil.

  8. PETA and vegans only care about communism they are brainwashed fools that believe Democrat totalitarianism and socialism will solve all of our problems

  9. Don T. Ripfüller

    How much will we take of this crap

  10. Mary Weber

    Why is he still around he needs to get on down the road

  11. TameThing

    Psychopathic "doctor."

  12. Hadyn Wills

    He is the result of a experiment cross between baboon X snake needs gone.

  13. Charlie Ketchem

    200k to make fauchi a date?

  14. Bryan G


  15. David LeBlanc

    The people who are complicent in activity such as this deserve to be treated in the same manner

  16. nickie Hines

    This is so horrible he is a pathological narcissist!!!

  17. sara burns

    PETA…PLEASE put a stop to this ASAP!

  18. Dorian Blois

    Fox supporting PETA? What strange dimension have I slipped into.

  19. Rebecca Bolyard

    There will be a special place in hell for Fauci!

  20. Ida Dennis

    🤯😭This is barbaric!

  21. In Cog Nito

    Heartlessness runs rampant in the scientific community when using animals to further their experiments.

  22. billie billings

    F chi is a satist

  23. Roy Favia

    The NIH that Fauci's wife leads and there's also been bitting gnats the past few years and I saw a video of a lab where B G was testing the nats on over drugged dogs bitting them mercilessly, when is the law going to do something about these criminals ?

  24. Phuck Onyou

    That lady gives me the creeps

  25. John alucard

    Fauci is a devil.a lying political evil devil.

  26. Jasper Kensington

    Can we keep this modern Josef Mengele away from poor innocent animals? He’s already murdered thousands of humans, but he’s really cruel to animals!

  27. Gregory Yock

    Covid was on purpose via China and Fauci to get trump out of office. When it didn’t work they had to steal the election. When it was obvious they were getting caught they implemented the January 6 riots to divert attention and paint the republicans evil and out of control so that the corrupt election would not be fully investigated, prosecuted, and sentenced, and the truth be revealed. The truth being our country has been taken over and our democracy is a facade.

  28. Invalid UserID

    Doctors Fauci, Daszak, and Collins all need to be be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, plain and simple. $20 billion? Who authorized that? I know Pelosi and Schumer don't like to be bothered for anything less than a billion dollars so unnecessary experiments isn't a big thing. She knew that she couldn't win the impeachments but she insisted to put on the unnecessary theatrics to placate the blood thirst of the Left. Everything bad that has been said about Pelosi, Schumer, Hillary is all true and they need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  29. Gina Mascetti

    I hope PETA continues their investigation. Our country is the only country that does not have any humane rules for experiments on animals.

  30. Mike Ferguson

    Our government is paying this Mad scientists almost half a million dollars a year to do or give grants to the people who do these evil experiments. Absolutely infuriating

  31. Miya Miyo

    Experiment on pedos, rapists and murderers!



  33. Katya Solis

    So sad and awful how bad animal can be treated.

  34. deb vankoughnet

    Dr Mengele must be stopped before he kills us all !!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Aditya 999

    Remember when fauci got mad when they asked him about his financial investments? Hmmmmmmm I wonder why

  36. Leave the animals alone. Test on humans you've got millions of prisoners.

  37. Eric Thom

    Why isn’t PETA going after him much harder. If it was another scientist they would be protesting outside their house yet they a doing next to nothing

  38. Becky S

    Fauci is a monster .

  39. USSResolute

    Someone needs to make stuffed Fauci dolls as dog toys so that dogs can symbolically get back at him for testing on them.