FFXIV – More Job Balance Updates & Game Sales News



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Responses (45)

  1. I hope later on they dedicate time just to smoothing out ranged physical. Dancer prolly needs help in the short term, but I can't help but feel like the role overall just needs a pass over for damage, satisfying rotations, more distinct identities and how much they really should be taxed for being ranged. It always feels bad to play neutered dps, imo

  2. I really hope they resume sales soon. 🙂

  3. Idk how machinist isn't considered a selfish ranged physical dps.. it literally has 0 unique utility

  4. I want more glamour options.

  5. I've been saying since 6.0 that Reaper doesn't need to be nerfed. Nerfing is not always the answer, and I think Reaper is so good that it sets a new benchmark for job design. Other jobs should be brought up instead of bringing one job down. It's more work, sure, but ultimately it will make everyone happy because Reaper fans aren't getting nerfed and other players will have their favourite jobs beefed up. What's not to like?

  6. Ninja still needs work.
    Things to add:
    – DPS boost
    – Utsusemi Ichi (3 Shadows) For higher survivability in Savages
    – GCD reduction

    Ninja in FFXIV should almost mirror itself from FFXI

  7. It's so nice to see a company that sees a class standing out as strong and fun and decides to make the rest of the classes match it instead of nerfing that class into the ground. It really is a different sort of mentality.

  8. They need to put the combo in one bottom is to Manny bottom for ps5

  9. Aren't they buffing Paladins?

  10. BLM is the slowest job in the game. I am sure there was a lot lost in the translation / interpretation of that comment, but there quite literally isn't a job in the game that is less busy than BLM. I don't really know what to take away from that line.

  11. Shouldnt Ninja be stronger than Samurai?

  12. Been trying so hard to not resub to wow just really wanting to get into this game and need my mmo fix… but still just waiting…

  13. Grats on 200k. WTB more Fitness w/ Mr. Happy ☝️

  14. Pretty sure Mch is in a worse spot thant DNC. DNC is a another monster in term of farm/reclear.

  15. What kind of monster uses light mode in Discord?!?

  16. Pleeease comment on the statement he made about people harassing the devs! It's an important message for all players and the more ppl hears it the better.

  17. I personally feel like astro should have some sort of dps buff or at least higher potency regen since it's hard to cast your dps spells without the tank dropping suddenly. Astro does have a lot of ogcd heals but the problem is that you need to constantly be healing in big pulls instead of the other healers having some sort of better utility and being able to dps more than astro. White mage having bene, Sch having high potency shields and the faerie. Sage being able to heal while dps-ing. Astro buffs the dps' s damage with cards to make up for the dps loss on their end but it's a bit boring to play at the end of the day. I would really like to see some sort of astro change or buff.

  18. DNC gets out DPS'ed by DRK constantly. This shouldn't be happening. I don't play DNC myself but I see it in dugeon finder a lot.

  19. It sucks for people like me who made a free trial before the closure of sales. I'm on a server with no queue and can't purchase, even though it wouldn't make a difference on my server.

  20. Reaper's OP. I just wanted to try it out and got hooked. BLM buff got me excited. That's my main!

  21. Is it just me or does this video have no audio?

  22. Dancer is in serious need of either straight up potency buffs and/or other adjustments that bring damage output up to at least Bard standard. Loved it that Yoshi P also thinks that DNC should have higher DPS.
    Machinist pump up the damage output at least in the ballpark of Summoner and Red Mage. (Sure it could be buffed more but do keep in mind that while Machinist is pure DPS job, it has movement capability of ranged physical that seriously can't be underestimated.)
    Black Mage/ Samurai and Monk also needs to hit at least Reaper level of damage output. (Hopefully more than Reaper as it sure ain't pure DPS job, looking at you Arcane Crest and Arcane Circle.)
    Ninja also needs more buff as it's damage output sure ain't reflected in amount of things needed to generate it.
    Dark Knight in my opinion needs some love in defense department at least in some form or another. Taking huge amounts of damage compared to other tanks.

  23. Almost mained RPR but since I work for a living with on-call rotation and late shifts there's just no room for statics so I'm at the mercy of PF. That being said… it's almost impossible to NOT see another RPR so I've been trying out RDM.

  24. So far my static has not been lacking the dps to clear p1s to p3s, but I've brought on the table the offer to swap to drk if ever we get stuck on dps check, I main pld.

  25. Im Still over here looking for defensive buffs to dark knight. In the course of giving every tank a TBN level defensive ability theirs are significantly better. DR, Healing, Utility.

    TBN: I need to time this shield and spend resources to use it and hope to heaven it breaks because if not i just lost dps and should have used flood or edge instead

  26. I've been loving playong ninja and reaper. Sage is still my go to right now but as far as a dps, reaper seems to dish out more damage than ninja with way less effort.

  27. I was kinda hoping that they would adjust WHM. It feels really bad right now and is definitely the most undertuned of all the healer jobs, with very expensive GCD heals, not enough free heals, Thin Air massively nerfed, and no in-built mechanics to recover MP, WHMs suffer from severe MP issues this expansion.

  28. I’m okay with dnc finally taking a backseat because that was brd for such a long time and im a singingway over dancingway sort of person lol so I’m kinda salty they’re gonna adjust it this quickly already hskahdkdjdlf dnc got so much love before so let brd be > than dnc for a while longer 😂😂😂

  29. What they need to do is fix Gunbreaker (hyper velocity) is trash with a potent of 180 also (ready to blast)on a 10s timer is useless once you do a weapon it go’s away so you basically can’t sit on it

  30. Did Yoshi-P remember MCH is a "pure firepower" too?😂

  31. I'm a SAM main 99 parser, pretty hardcore player. Obv, SAM has more damage than RPR in terms of damage to the boss. adps, but RPR is still close, and has utility. So their rdps is really good. SAM and BLM should be blowing up bosses, fighting for 1st place but SAM is barely ahead of the ADPS, while BLM is behing RPR. Glad we are getting some adjustments.

  32. What about DRG and MCH?

  33. I’m hoping they add something to remind us to turn tank stance on or something, like just a notification on your chat that suggests that you do so, or maybe a notification akin to when you use a non ready or locked ability

  34. Honestly as a BRD Main, I'm happy with where it's at. I don't want DNC to get anymore potency increases because it still has insanely high potency on finishes, Standard with 720 and technical with 1080, which is ridiculously strong and while yes they are OGC- a thing such as 200k in Mikah's well shouldn't be a thing that can happen (For refence I had a 200k on the second boss there). I get that it has high crit rate and that's fine and "Adjustments" are fine too, but the fact that it has higher potency with those than a MCH has is kinda odd imo given how MCH is to BLM and BRD is to SMN.

    Heck I even compared potency with RDM and DNC still has higher potency with the steps. I get that RDM has Dualcast but it's bizarre to me how the steps have so much damage for the blended class of P.Ranged.

  35. I sure hope NIN gets a slight buff. Doesn't have to be massive, but they need something.

  36. cries in drk utilities?

  37. I will ascend to a higher life form if they buff MNK any further.

  38. How did they not even mention the current state of warrior and dark knight? Also, if they just keep buffing everyone all the time, the game is not gonna have any challenge left. When are the ENEMIES gonna get a buff for once? And reapers just have flat out too much easy damage output, they outdo black mages on the regular, so I am glad they are addressing that at least

  39. Yoshi man pls make blm flare 1000 potency lol
    Reaper over here shredding mobs with their communion while im still in the back queing up my flare lol.

  40. post the google doc, i cant sift through the wall of texts in the discord just to find this translation

  41. Buff the rest instead of Nerfing RPR. Smart move, players naturally like to see the word "Buff" rather than "Nerf". Well played Yoshi-P 😀

  42. I hope they can address button bloat for AST

  43. I would guess the stat squish is the reason why all the other jobs feel weaker than the new ones since the new ones were designed with that in mind.

  44. I main REAPER right now but I picked up leveling DRAGOON a bit ago and I like the job frfr, but it DEFINITELY needs a damage boost. Or adjust the damage buff it gets from its abilities and traits cause it does feel very lacking in areas

  45. The problem with Reaper isn't it's huge dps advantage…. it is the fact that it is crap ton more fun to play than other melee dps. It could be the weakest melee dps and I would still rather play it. I would be surprised if it wasn't involved in most or all new first clears even without being top dps.