Find The Potential Pump Before it Happens (Auto) With Tradingview Screener 2022

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VID :Pump Finder- tradingview screener
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Responses (30)

  1. Thanks for sharing 👍

  2. Hi man thank for this,working now?this indicator?i will try 1month to see result

  3. thanks and Happy New Year 2022

  4. btcusd σε λιγο θα βαρεσει 18000-20000!!!!!!

  5. sir, what about if I want to see coins that will be falling instead, because unfortunatelly all crypto coins follow BTC major moves, so if BTC is going to fall, I have no work from from this trick shown in video 🙂

  6. its just a sunrise and all night I was trying to figure out how to find those pumping coins, even though I have indicators telling me what/when to buy, but for that you would need to make an alarm and wait, and I am not always behind my computer to go into trade. This tool is amazing, thanks a million my friend, you really made my day. PS. if I understood it correctly, those pumps are happing when price breaks those resistance/support I right?

  7. I think you're amazing ♥

  8. Do i need to be connected on these exchange platforms in screener option to do this? I get an error when clicking. Thanks

  9. Please this music is ridiculous annoying

    good content but hard to still until the end with this horrible soundtrack

  10. why my screener keep loading like not function? how can i sort out this problem?

  11. Add simple indicator lik what

  12. Bro, I'm up 40% in 2 days cause of this finding of yours! I owe you a beer! Happy New Year.

  13. Progress they say shows when hard work is put into a venture. I was experiencing lapses in putting enough work into trading, and my job made it nearly impossible for me to earn. Until I came across Brian Harding, turned my life around, I'm so grateful

  14. By far this is ur best video

  15. I've been looking for something like this, something to check a pumping coin at any moment. This is very interesting. Thanks for this!

    I just tried it but it only matched 3 and they're all at "sell". Am I correct to assume that at this moment there are no potential pump? However if I change the NDI to "above" or "below", there are 200+ matches and a lot of strong buys.

    I'm quite new to this and would appreciate some clarification.

  16. Can someone explain to me what actually it is? What it changes in trading.

  17. sir this video u told to put 4h timeframe shall we put of 15 minutes n shall we put other indicator or only what u have told

  18. I joind your telegram group you are awesome. Sir will you post T.A along with the signal It will be really be appreciated Thanks in advance

  19. how can we use it on trial trading view version

  20. Hi thank you very much for the knowledge but I don’t understand how you imply it before it pumps

  21. Thanks for such inspiration, can i use this for the 1day time frame?

  22. Another great video. Thanks

  23. Can I use the Positive Directional Indicator (PDI) also for finding the dump?

    Also I am trying this with 5 minutes.

    How can we use this indicator for finding pump in particular coin?

  24. thank you for the excellent and most importantly necessary video!I would be grateful if you would make another video about the crypto screener settings!thank you!!!

  25. Great Video like always 🤗

  26. Have an indicator to see this on chart?

  27. This is the best gift of 2022. Thank you!