First Time Using TradingView Part 5: TradingView Basics Tutorial- Paper trading & Orders


In this TradingView Basics Platform Tutorial, we will guide you through how to paper trade using the Tradingview platform.TradingView is one of the best trading platforms for beginners and first-time users. Whether you are looking to trade stocks, forex, or the futures market, this is the tutorial for you. We will guide you on order entry, stop loss, and target exit prices (oco orders and other order types) using the order panel.

This video will cover the most important concepts when paper trading and placing orders with TradingView in less than 15 minutes.









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Responses (36)


  2. Why do my buy and sell orders always get rejected? I’m paper trading btw

  3. First of all, I apologize for my Google translated English. I have a big problem: limit orders are not executed, that is, the price overshoots them and simply ignores them. Afterwards I find it very annoying that these orders have a deadline that by default is one day, in fact before I placed them but after a day they disappeared, without my understanding why. So when I noticed the expiration option, I moved this one year away, just to be sure, but from then on (and perhaps for this reason) limit orders are no longer being taken. How can I solve? I searched through all possible options, but found nothing. Until last week I didn't have this problem, and I really don't know how to solve it, because when I solve one problem, another one presents itself, and in these conditions I cannot operate. In fact, now I can only place market orders.

    PS: I don't have any paid subscription.


  4. This is very helpful. Do you have a video on the differences between entering a Market, Limit, and Stop orders? The Market and Limit was explained, but Stop wasn't and it seems confusing to me for some reason. Thanks

  5. We need a "Replay" Broker for paper trading. We test our systems and strategies but can only execute Market orders in replay. Use the Buy and Sell buttons in the Tools menu. Just step through candle by candle and do your own calculations. Not hard at all. But much better if we could execute Stop and Limit orders in replay as well. Need an Order Panel that works in replay mode.

  6. How can i make three chart in my écran ???

  7. Love your videos, thank you

  8. You are a great teacher!!!

  9. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. Just a dummy question, is there any fees applied if i trail my stop loss ?

  10. Very valuable lesson ..
    I did subscribed to your channel
    Hope you bring more great videos like this
    Thank you

  11. Question suppose your broker s not listed. How do I get them added so I can trade with my commited broker?

  12. I did't even know that treding view has this thing. Thanks

  13. Love this series, but this video is confusing to me because it does a Futures trade. My level of Trading View (Pro) evidently doesn't allow me to see the data for such trades.

  14. When i expand bottom panel I'm unable to connect to paper trading account cuz I don't see any option to do that. Some companies stocks appear instead.

  15. Well as the saying goes…"this was a Godsend" Thanks for a wonderful series and teaching on the Tradingview platform. Your effort I am sure is so appreciated by the many us who look for this information. 🙏

  16. Does the paper trading simulator allow for option trading on Trading View? If so, how to access options chain?

  17. I understand if I place an order using %, price or pips everything else will be calculated for me but, I'm not seeing the amount of money I'm risking on the order form. Your help? 😊

  18. 10:18 i also place takeprofit and stoploss using limit trade option i can see bars places on chart for order execution and are faded as you mention but i cant move them am i doing any thing wrong ?

  19. Good afternoon my name is James Simmons I would love to continue learning on the facts of trading stocks also option Trading on your panel I've learned so much in the past year-and-a-half thank you so much my email is Simmons James

  20. Thanks for the vlog. I have been confused until now. THANKS!!!

  21. There are many channels that teach you how to trade, have courses that teach you how to trade, etc. Very RARELY do they even MENTION how to actually place a trade or anything else having to do with actual orders. They tell you WHEN to get into the trade but not HOW. This video is something every other YouTube trading teacher needs to take note of.

  22. Thanks for this. I haven't found any tutorial that has been this in-depth. Is it possible for you to do a tutorial like this on mobile.

  23. Helpful video! Can you trade options contracts on the trading view platform?

  24. I am trying to practice how to trade a small account of $200 because that's realistically how much I am comfortable risking when I don't have any previous experience with trading real money. So until I see some positive results I am going to practise with paper money. My problem is when i want to place a buy or sell order using paper money I am very confused on what tab to look at. The information tab for buy/sell orders wants me to type in the quantity of orders.

    If I type quantity = 20 the pip value is $0.002 and the trade value is $20

    If i type quantity = 200 000 the pip value is $20 and the trade value is more than $250 000

    I want to risk $20 of my $200 paper money account. Which one is the right one?

  25. Brilliant tutorial. Now I can focus on my trades. Thank you so much.

  26. Excellent video. Thank you.

  27. You made my life easier. Thanks! Do you know how to place a limit order with multiple Take profits?

  28. Hi. Maybe you can help me. I have connected my broker to TradingView, and have attempted to place my trades. I have noticed that my trades will be in profit, but it is not being reflected through my profit. I have also noticed that when I place a trade the order info does not display the pip value. I feel like this may be the issue. Any insight you have is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  29. Hi Keesha, I hope all is going well & pls be safe friends and families. You know I enjoy all your videos. At this point, I'm expanding my trading to Stock Options. What will be the best setup? I'm using TOS. Any suggestions and videos to go in detail? Take care & happy Friday.

  30. Just what I was looking for.

  31. God Bless You! Thank you so much! I needed to know how to enter the trades correctly on Tradingview, with the 'buy limit.' You made it clear! Telling all my friends and relatives! You give us hope!

  32. Very informative and helpful for beginner on tradingview. Thank you!

  33. Wow! Great video. Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you! 🙏