Giant "sea dragon" fossil from the Jurassic period discovered in the UK


The fossilized remains of an ichthyosaur, or “sea dragon,” were found in England’s Midlands, the largest and most complete of its kind discovered in the U.K.

The Jurassic giant was found last year by Joe Davis, Rutland Water Conservation team leader, the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust said on Jan. 10, with the site excavated by scientists and volunteers in Aug. 2021.

Ichthyosaurs first appeared approximately 250 million years ago and went extinct around 90 million years ago. The marine reptiles could grow to 25 meters in length.

Ichthyosaurs were large marine reptiles similar in shape to dolphins but grew up to lengths of 25 metres.

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  1. can't someone narrate this? i mean, all these need to be silent. what if im blind?

  2. Loch Ness Monster

  3. Tell you what man that there a Dang Ol’ Megalodon imprint.

  4. Britain's own local croc☝️

  5. Just imagine, idiotic creationists believe that man lived alongside the dinosaurs lol. Like we wouldn’t be food for these creatures. I went to a creationist museum in Alberta to see how idiotic it was, they had a model of the dinosaurs HELPING to build the pyramids lol. They were hauling rocks and people were riding them. Beyond idiotic.

  6. Mr.Davis i am very excited to see this. I had my head in any book at my local library that told of all dinosaurs. When my elementary school class took a field trip to the Natural History Museum in Cleveland Ohio i could hardly believethat i was standing next to a Stegasaurus and all the others they had kept there. I would love to see a documentary of your quest as it was found in 2021and this is beginning of 2022 i hope i see something on National Geographic Channel. I will keep looking for your posts on this incredible find in the U.K. 🙏👍✌🇺🇸

  7. There's probably a few more in the same area

  8. Looks like a humongous alligator

  9. Looks like a crustacean from the Paleozoic era 😂

  10. wonder if any relation to Falcor

  11. Puff the magic Dragon, lived by the sea.

  12. I wish someone would give archeologists real tools. Amazing

  13. Absolutely amazing!

  14. YouTube Google forms OMG

  15. There must have been a drop in sea level?

  16. So cool.

    180 million years puts it in the around the middle of the Jurassic Toarcian period(Jurassic is approximately 201 – 145 Million years ago while Toarcian is 182 – 174 million years ago). The Toarcian period was theorised to be the time of ocean anoxic events which is to say that the oceans were deprived of oxygen.

  17. Enjoyed your video and I gave it a Thumbs Up

  18. why aren't these people masked and distancing. For shame!

  19. Rapid burial over clay then covered over by a sedimentary layer…🤔

  20. Kinda crazy how fossil remains are there resting grounds… and we just dig them up, imaging someone finding your grandma and puttin her her bones for display 🤣😭 just weird to me, but yayyy sscienceeee

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  22. Dragon Flying ~ & Dinosaur….*

  23. Looks like a giant murder salamander

  24. Hours of boring material from the UK Parlament on YT, and only 3 minutes on something so fascinating… I really don't get it.

  25. Im glad someone knew what it was. Wow so cool how it just showed up on that strip of land in the middle of water. Was it because the water level lowered?

  26. Truly amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. But God said the world is only several thousand years old. How can this fossil be 180 million years old? Either God is a lie or all paleontologists are liars.

  28. He died from COVID!

  29. Doesn't look like they had to dig very deep. Is anyone else skeptical about it being 180 million years old. Or is my tinfoil hat on too tight.

  30. Comment section never disappoints. LMAO.

  31. I guess the bible just forgot to mention them, oops.