Gingrich: Democrats are out of touch with reality


Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on President Biden pushing radical plan to overhaul elections. #foxnews

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Responses (25)

  1. Democrats knows what their doing they want to controlled the people..

  2. Yes it ain’t working but the republicans after winning will they do anything? I don’t think so! I believe all of the swamp will be hidden and they will make sure to lie to all of us that they are working on it

  3. Don't forget the upcoming invasion of Ukraine and WWIII which will ensue.

  4. Brandon and the DemoRATS are SO far left of this country, that they're floundering out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

  5. Democrats are out of touch with reality. Republicans are going to be getting in touch with their lawyers for sedition. About 100 republican lawmakers are going to lose their seats.

  6. Because what they need is a down to earth, man of the people ' billionaire'.

  7. Says the party that attacked the Capitol to keep a president in power then screamed that it wasn’t them attacking the Capitol. It was ANTIFA and government agents

  8. Gingrich has been in touch with the Clintons, not reality. LGBFJB!

  9. They Yanked … Live PD off the Air .. because it FULLY EXPOSED every Friday and Saturday .. Just how Rapidly the USA had turned lawless .. and it exposed the Race of these Criminals .. how they lived .. how they felt about America .. it EXPOSED many of these Cities as Deeply Crime Ridden .. and those Mayors wanted it Gone .. ! Till We have a National Crime Bill .. and the Military on Patrol Daily .. we will sink Further .. it gets worse by the Minute .. now Retail people are being Executed .. because we let way to may in .. and we let way to many Cage Doors be Opened .. ! That should of remain Closed !

  10. dang bro he's looking real old. 😳

  11. As Steve Bannon said yesterday this is the end of the democrat party! The tsunami red wave is coming and the democrats know it!

  12. Wow. Even the mad cow Stacey Abrams is bailing on Biden. You KNOW your ship is sinking when folks like her won't bother to show up for you.
    Or maybe she just "ain't black", Joe. 😆

  13. You got to be totally plastered to listen to all this bla bla

  14. All bla bla and cannot stop the COVID mandate and agenda bunch a whimp

  15. The people in charge don’t care because they have reached the top by climbing on something which they forgot to secure// so someone just moved their ladder and they are about to fall

  16. _________________________
    Fox Comedy Puppet News

  17. Dump the British spokspeople trying to sell crap!

  18. People who are to stupid to still vote for a democrat ….. their brains are not working !

  19. Who is this long forgotten Grinch who has a soiled and sordid past suddenly presenting himself as a "guru"??? He is a snake who will "do in" anyone to foster his own sordid agenda. Do NOT TRUST HIM!


  21. Democrat plan… IT AINT WORKING!!!

  22. Social Democrats every day they see President Trump is every day worried about when the Socialist regime will fall, the American people see them. Can't eat well, can't sleep well, it's worth it. sorry, they cried, not daring to raise their voice. afraid people laugh,they. The only way is to bring January 6 to impeachment. to silence President Trump from speaking out. On any given day when Trump speaks out, the Socialist Party has little chance of corruption. . The Socialist Party's rigged elections failed in economy, national security and education. Inflation, vaccines, unlikely to succeed, border crisis of illegal immigrants. Slavery, cocaine, looting everywhere. Socialist Party tries everything to prevent Trump from running for President in 2024

  23. Diversity incompetence the Biden admin didn't even know the embassy was attacked..I have a cellphone and it's not my Job but I knew before our leadership did.. extremely incompetence

  24. The county election commission calls people to vote by mail. They have all the ballots filled out, just need to sign. I refused to sign and told them I was on election day and I told them, I'm an anti-abortion Catholic, and they still called me about 10 times a day until Election Day Nov/3/ 2020

  25. As an Irishman, I'm seriously embarrassed that Biden claims to be Irish.
    He doesn't even behave like an American, 'cos he's a Democrat.