Gov. Kemp responds to Biden's criticism of Georgia's voting law


Georgia Governor Brian Kemp explains why he was ‘laughing’ during Biden’s Tuesday speech. He also discusses the possible factors contributing to the supply chain backlog and his strategy as he runs for reelection. #FoxNews

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Responses (46)

  1. When I was younger, Limbaugh gave information as to why I was proud to be a Republican. Now it's just attacks and what abouts. How about solutions? At least acknowledge points that are correct. I hear hate Biden, but what he said about local electors being replaced is positioned to happen. You'd erupt in an instant if it were on the other side! The port of LA may have been busier than ever. Covid is being kept to a trickle so hospitals can handle it. President 45 might do the same thing or we'd have more rampant sickness. He's for common sense vexing, by the way. The Governor did touch on the supply chain, it actually had been kept less at warehouses to keep storage costs down for years. New parameters = problems.

  2. Kemp still allowed the Democrats to BRAKE elections laws in 2020 without state legislature approval because he is a Trump HATING RINO


  4. Boy oh boy I sure hope Americans wake up to this Biden administration and kick there butts out of the white house.

  5. Everything the Democrats say in front of a camera is a lie. It is sickening!

  6. I wonder how much they had to pay the masked, unenthusiastic and sparse audience in the background.

  7. 81M votes was voter suppression..?

  8. Biden is bitter because it is no longer easy sailing. He had the Mainstream Media, Big Tech and Corporations build him up to be an answer to a prayer. Merit, integrity, and a real desire to unify now evident Biden is lacking. Biden can't face the fact Build Back Better a lost cause. He has been stopped in this track without a plan B.

  9. Our cube steaks here are $7.98 a pound – at Walmart – we can’t even get water by mail. Biden is a disaster and Georgians are suffering.

  10. 2 gallons of Water at Walmart in GA is $28

  11. Do we realize that if hotels and motels cannot wash bedding after being used. How long before they change the bed cover for new occupants. You don’t know. You would be surprised at what is left on bedspreads in even the best , do DNA. Used to see inspections for renewals of these places. Think about now COVED

  12. Maybe if they kept making more stuff in the US, there wouldnt be a problem.

  13. Communist demrats are going to do everything they can do to cheat,Let's go Brandon and to all the communist out there.

  14. The NAACP, League of Women Voters and ACLU have ALL condemned these new voting laws!!!!

  15. My sister has been trying to buy a dining room set there is none for months now !!

  16. No no no why is he lieing !!!

  17. She tried to put a southern accent , she is so phony ! !

  18. No one is prevented from voting. This is all lies.

  19. Let’s Go Brandon !!!
    Virginia’s People are GOOD 👍

  20. He's so not for the hard working man the individual the constitution. A true American

  21. Kemp is a Racist/Fascist like Trump and the rest of the GOP Scumbags.

  22. If kemp does not get constitutional carry past he will not get my vote

  23. The money would be better spent on improving voter literacy these people wouldn't be able to call their underhanded stuff if the American public was informed with the facts instead of big Medias hyperbole

  24. I can't believe that anyone still believe anything that Biden or any of his office say. It's lie after lie. Biden and office live in a fantasy land and the media stations who still try to cover up for Biden do as well. Those dumb people who still think that Trump is the worst are just plain naive, blind, incompetent, moronic, useless in every aspect of life, wrong in every way all of the time people!!! Let's go Brandon. I trust Trump 1000000% more than Biden. Trump for the win. Let's go Brandon!!!. MAGA!!!

  25. Butt-gig did nothing, and he claims to have succeded.

  26. What is made here that has to delivered by ship?????

  27. geoorgia gerrymandered a representativee out of office.. hhmmmm

  28. They fixed the supply chain crisis by pushing the ships out further to sea so nobody could see them sitting there anymore.

  29. Funny how people sitting behind him are give me shot black people not I work hard people

  30. This is why Biden and the democrats are leaving the southern border WIDE OPEN!!!!
    Importing votes, and Covid-19 to keep the pandemic going through the midterms.
    Mass mail in voting must stop!!!!

  31. Missed the border again Camela.

  32. Go to Hell. Don't you dare yell at me.

  33. Surely politicians especially Republicans cannot stoop any lower. Kevin McCarthy is the ultimate hypocrite. Sinema and Manchin are no different. The US Congress has lost all meaning.

  34. How many voters will be kept out all the illegal immigrant vote will be kept out that's the whole point

  35. What ever happened to lying about Hillary's emails? Why didn't Trump do something in 4 years….he never did anything about it and stopped talking about it 🤣😂
    I've haven't seen a comment by a fascist (conservative) that was true in over 9 years. SMH.

  36. More fascist "conservative" traitors going to jail today🇺🇸😷🇺🇸

  37. For the sake of His sorrowful Passion have mercy on us and on the whole world.


  39. Biden Harris are the biggest liars in American history!
    Disgusting creatures

  40. The worse POTUS ever got the most votes ever. How ironic 😂🤣😅😱 Let's Go Brandon!!!

  41. Can we interview one person who has be denied the right to vote ???? I don't get it

  42. Please… Stop playing baby shark or I will change the channel. You have plaid it 5 times since 6 am.

  43. Maybe they are still waiting for that 2k you potato.

    Also I love how liberals start fires and then put them out in a vain attempt to look like they're competent.