Gravitas: Tories want Rishi Sunak to be UK'S next Prime Minister


Indian-origin Finance Minister of UK Rishi Sunak has emerged as the ‘favourite’ to be UK’S next Prime Minister. A survey says nearly half of all members in the Conservative Party want him to replace Boris Johnson. Palki Sharma gets you a report.

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Responses (38)

  1. It will be a shame there’s no white man in tories capable of becoming 🇬🇧 prime minister

  2. Waiting when Indian Rule Britain.

  3. Never going to happen

  4. Used to love this news channel but now all they are showing is a bunch a crap

  5. If only know how to tell the truth!!!!

  6. Wow!! That is the plot !!!

  7. Before India was under British Rule for 200yrs. But now, are the Anglo Saxon white Brits ready to be under an Indian Roots British.

  8. Tories are NOT the UK ,We don’t want CORRUPTION in the UK like the barbaric CORRUPT rulers of India.

  9. he is a thug, increasing national insurance rates and taxes.


    – from a Moral Conscious perspective –

  11. Rishi can do all the dirty work without been called a racist, makes sense.

  12. We do not need any help from them, we just want that Indian origin should not spoil the image of India in foreign countries, so we appriciate him. That's it.

  13. God bless United Kingdom.

  14. Keep on your great work, Rishi !

  15. UK second country India 🤭

  16. Shounak , a sage..I think sunak is not the right spelling

  17. Sunak was never an Indian.
    Born in England, Dad a Kenyan and mom a Tanzanian.

  18. Calling Rishi Sunak is similar to calling :
    Biden an Irish
    Trump a German
    60% white Americans European
    Saying Indians control everywhere is similar to saying European still rule the world.
    Indians get some brains.

  19. Now the knives will be out in Tories

  20. Son in law of Karnataka!.

  21. Is he a pal of the Guptas?

  22. Rip white british kingdom and its values ! Complete invasion by Indian immigration !

  23. Karma. Ab India Ke ladka England ko rule karega PM ho Kar

  24. Actually we don't want Sunak, he is too closely aligned to the PM, the greatest disappointment to us all has been Priti Patel, we had great faith in her, she not only spoke strongly but would back that with action. We have been sorely disappointed with her, the rhetoric is still there but the actions are non existent, we are genuinely disappointed, she promised so much.

  25. UK and USA are places where Indians are accepted more and more, nice 💯

  26. He will do wonders

  27. Good personality , charisma ,

  28. Following the footsteps of Kamala Harris.

  29. Lol, even when the PM is taking photos, everything is just awkward

  30. very well done💯👍

  31. India s ancient masters will soon be their servant.

  32. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🤔🤔🤔💙💙💙💙🌹🤝🤝🤝💜💜💜💖💖💖👌👌👌👌 ok

  33. Indians ruling the world 😎

  34. Think the English need an English person telling them wat to do 🤭 these immigrants need to go home & run there own Fooking countries 👍