Gravitas: Trade, jobs, climate: India's highs despite Omicron dampener


Despite Omicron dampening the new year, India ended 2021 with some impressive milestones. $300 billion in exports, IIT placements at an all-time high and a green energy target achieved 8 years ahead of schedule. Palki Sharma tells you more.

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Responses (26)

  1. Sanvi Vandana

    The glass is really half filled 😄👍

  2. Subhmay Patra


  3. Renu Bajaj

    Vow,great achievements

  4. Mats Svensson

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  5. MartianAri

    Credit goes to Xi jinping 🙂.
    Bha*we Leader.

  6. Muthu Ganesh

    Cong allowed FDI

  7. Shubhi Tyagi

    All credit goes to Modi government. In congress regime India was a third world country.

  8. Earth Warrior 🛡️⚔️

    Oh my God, Wow !!

  9. R Lalramchen

    WHT about the non- IITians?? Who will give them jobs. Ur news is biased

  10. sridhar b

    Indian import has equally gone up and fiscal deficit has gone worst. This damn Modi try to cover up those.


    U r lying.

  12. Ak Shravan Twin Effect

    Records are meant to be Broken. Lol. No lessons learnt from second wave

  13. RAJATH sisodiya

    Great going india!!

  14. Aryan Bacchuwar

    She is always stud she is 😌 she is talented.

  15. Kaushik Mitra


  16. Σκοτώνω Χαρά

    Do more of these as well, helps quell the hate as well as well as pointing out those who spread hate.

  17. Kunal Patil

    Taiwan is an independent country.l.

  18. Gunjan Sharma

    Brilliant news , can't be more proud , jai hind 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  19. Vineeth

    Focus on nicer things in life…👍

  20. Mohan Krishna

    Jai ho Bharath !👍

  21. Vivek Vivi

    Dr.Carrie Medej is being shamed. Dr. Malone has been banned. Question everything.

  22. navya negi

    We are not going to stop now…our growth is unlimited 🙏

  23. Ashish Bagade

    From last 10-15 years exports were stuck at 300-320 billion USD…but only now hitting 400 billion USD and till 2030 600 billion USD…Reason – critical policy changes favouring trade since 2014 and only now showing results in the ground …remember Chinas keeping close watch on our exports and quickly ramp up the production of the product which we are exporting so this is quite smart that even after a predatory nation like China trying its best to down the exports of India it’s still hitting 400 billion USD…maybe Chinas like – alright we can’t stop India from exporting …let’s target something else 😂

  24. jaya prakash

    lol jobs…unemployment numbers at all time high…😂 still no learning from last pandemic…rallies of lakhs of people in last year resulted in widespread of covid resulting in deaths of lakhs of people…now omicron is on surge..and still modi is focused on election rallies rather than putting restrictions on rallies and following covid appropriate's pathetic behaviour..!!!that's why we need educated leaders …!!!

  25. Mathieu Cossette

    People are getting work.. yeah right only if you are vaccinated ! How great hahaha! Fucki.. bullshit

  26. Suchit Mukherjee

    Students got a jab 😆