Gutfeld: The messaging isn't working


‘Gutfeld!’ panel discusses the media’s failed messaging and how Americans are seeing through their dishonesty.
#FoxNews #Gutfeld

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Responses (47)

  1. Peter Kozak

    What happened with her eyebrows?

  2. Scott Luzny

    Had to fact check that, didn't recognise Mr. Potatoe head cause it wasn't Mark Dices pantomine!

  3. Eddie Seachord

    Live studio audience. Love it.

  4. Eddie Seachord


  5. David Preston

    Gutfield is one of the biggest dim-wits on television.
    Is he supposed to be funny , or informative ?
    He lacks any intelligence or wit.
    is he supposed to be entertaining ?
    He has a permanent stupid smirk on his pouty face.
    All he does is make rude and disparaging remarks about the government of the U.S.
    But, about 1800 people here seem to love him and think this is entertainment ….. poor deluded simpletons

  6. Lynn Leigha

    Because they know what CNN is about, lolol!

  7. Lynn Leigha

    The more I'm hearing things about Jan 6, the more I truly believe that it was fully set up. For one, Nancy refused Trump's request for extra security, because he wanted it in case BLM or antifa decided to start something and she refused it, in hopes something would happen, and that's one more thing they can punch down on,, and then this Epps character, that for two days was instigating Trump supporters to enter the capital, ffs, he was n video doing it and yet he mysteriously disappeared from the "most wanted" page.

  8. Bill Levielle


  9. INVESTIGATE THE POLICE What's right is right


  10. Main stream media is the Democrats media pushers. They lie on command on what ever the Democrats are doing. They sold Americans Joe Biden.

  11. Sarah Black

    where did Pelosi learn to do her eyebrows, ringling brothers clown school?

  12. When did they hire channel west coast??

  13. Kent McCarter

    That woman eating the Crickets must be that man's Pet iguana

  14. Kent McCarter

    That's who played cousin it

  15. R Johnson

    What is happening with the lawsuit against Don Lemon?

  16. TheRisingFury

    The propagandists at cnn are almost as clueless as their dopey viewers.

  17. King of Wrestling

    I love Kat. It seems like she is the only person who is always on Gutfeld.

  18. eljo de Freitas

    The Democrats want a nation of ostriches with their heads stuck in January 6th.

  19. Kml Art

    About time the democrats started calling out the crazies coming out by the big lie. Hard to trust fox when each time I fact check your wrong or half wrong 50% of the time.

  20. Kelly Goosman

    They're to busy trying to cover their tracks 👣 to actually do their jobs properly 🤬😪🤦‍♀️

  21. Geir Balderson

    CNN = Creeps Nuts and Nabobs

  22. Rage9580 DirtyIrby

    I’m a little person as well😳🤣

  23. Samyaza Azazyel

    We need more patriots to oversee the counting vote process

  24. Cameron Briffa

    If Nancy says it, it must be true. She’s so honest and moral after all

  25. People who CARE and are willing to WAKE up and do the WORK necessary to SAVE this wonderful Constitutional Federal Republic must NOT wait to support the TRUTH. Complacency is Complicity in these REAL crimes being committed!

  26. Are there like 3 people in the audience?

  27. Sn1pEr3o8

    Jan.6 never forget. The day Ashley Babbitt was murdered by capitol police. She was an unarmed airforce vet. Who was gunned down in cold blood by a racist cop. NEVER FIRGET ASHLEY BABBITT.

  28. IDunno Anymore


  29. IDunno Anymore


  30. Andrew warren

    They remind me of horns

  31. Andrew warren

    Wow could her eyebrows be any higher

  32. Phill A Blunt

    Pelosi’s make up🤣is she a clown

  33. Steven Wolinak


  34. Raymond Daniel

    Supreme Court shot down joe biden vaccine mandate fjb

  35. jack Is it

    Ouch and OUCH ! Seriously how can they not see what they look like from the American perspective ?

  36. Nancy DC

    The media has been out of touch for years

  37. Jerry Swagerty

    GutMan. 1.11.22 means ta'day is 3 for 2 divided by 10 x 2. Ok, that's just a play on numbers although there has been many dates that have exemplified the #'s for what's going on at the time. I know. I've correlated #'s like that many times that did work.

    However, the way Biden talked making America Better was going to be like a 3 for 2 payoff does correlate divided by 10 x 2 though. HaHa!



  38. Nancy DC

    Nancy is a crook

  39. peaceful heart

    Biden a disaster

  40. Rick Nelson

    Comedy News Network has been lying since it began.

  41. Charles Clemons

    CNN lost like 70% ish of viewership /sponsorship that directly damages Thier market share. Yay.

  42. Sheila Suding

    I've never watched CNN ever!

  43. ID's required for flying, drinking, buying cigarettes but never for voting because the democraps will make sure your vote never counts.

  44. The Preacher of Death

    Yeah keep going for the jugular with your sense of sarcasm and truth.

  45. Casey Goodman

    I recall people in MAGA gear in the street being physically attacked and killed during the ANTIFA and BLM riots, they are crying about coming to close to their constituents. What a joke!!!

  46. None Ya

    If there vaccine is so good why do we have a battle ship headed home with everyone on it 100% all of the crew with all having three shots headed home and the entire crew has the covid-19 virus ????

  47. Michael Laramie

    That building in the backdrop of CNN at 3:55 looks way too much like a needle… it even has the beveled off edge…