Gutfeld: Who's side are you on?


Greg Gutfeld slams Joe Biden’s Georgia speech for splitting America into two camps, his side or the side of racism.
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Responses (49)

  1. I dont think he knows how hes gonna b remembered?worst president yet.

  2. 5:31 Joe says "Read between the lines!"

  3. Biden and his administration ARE America’s domestic terrorists.

  4. Love your monologues

  5. When are certain ethnic groups going to realize the Democratic were the true races and still are

  6. How dare you attack our attack on democracy. Bunch of racists! Come on, man! Asking someone to show a photo ID to vote is just plain racist!

    At the moment, any restaurant or gym in D.C. requires a photo ID and vaccine card to enter.

  7. What’s a “blackboard”?

  8. Gutfield definitely on the side of voter suppression

  9. Discussed about the way you treated RUSSEL BRAND an English man you were spiteful Like children grow up

  10. All I ever hear are lies out of bidens mouth

  11. it takes one to knows one Demoncrat

  12. GOD side with president DJT.

  13. Woe Woe Woe to all those who are NOT taken up to Heaven in The Rapture b/c immediately after u shall suffer greatly & continuously for The Un-diluted Wrath of God & The Lamb shall be poured out upon the world & evil shall prevail against the people/animals & the land/sea & u shall NOT ESCAPE !


  14. Senile NPC is talking.

  15. Joe needs a diaper change

  16. I find you all hilarious. Does that count?

  17. How does Biden want to be remembered. An old fool!

  18. Screamin' Joe, for a man who allegedly got "the most votes of any President in US History," sure acts like rigging elections is really really easy to do.

  19. Sedition Charges out now what say you gutfeld? Gutted?

  20. Let him carry on like this, it's great. Only way to finish his woke idiotic agenda once and for all. Get to vote people, we need to end this brainwashed demorcrates. Time to bring law on the streets, education in schools, put criminals in jails, protect the borders and squash the racists that hide under the equality agenda.

  21. People in the back of Biden look like they're being held under duress.

  22. Can't we all just get along?

  23. Yes, this was such a huge bombshell, SERIOUSLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS ADMINISTRATION

  24. Anyone who believes anything he says really is a sucker. I feel bad for them. They also fall for those internet scams from India. Or the price ones. Gullible isn’t even a term for them. Something worse. And they call themselves “educated”. Haha

  25. America 🇺🇸
    That's whose side I'm on fake patriot!

    Let's go Darwin!

  26. Anyone notice he's tryin to relate to a group of black folks by talking about when he was arrested?

  27. Biden you are a nauseating jackass the majority of American CITIZENS now actually despise you,,,,, Let’s go BRANDON!FJB

  28. This is insane – look, Joe Biden was friends with and rubbed elbows with known racist democrat legislators that objectively legislated and vehemently defended and enforced Jim Crow – these racist democrat legislators were his colleagues, they were his peers – Biden praised them and they returned the praise…. I mean the ignorance of the modern day woke left is stunning – they're all about their "wokeness" and holding people responsible, yet they elected a white Jim Crow era relic …. Look, the astute stupidity of the left is mind-blowing – but what do you expect when people have been brainwashed to ignore objective truth while living their subjective truths???…. And the best part is that when you point all of this out and honestly call these woke neo-leftists "ignorant ideologues" – they think you're chucking "ad libs" and trying to insult them when the reality is that they're indeed profoundly ignorant over emotional morons …… I mean their ignorance literally hurts my brain .. I mean for all intents and purposes Joe Biden is (or once was) an associate of the Klan……It's flipping disgusting.. Smh

  29. TIP O’ the DAY: When viewed OBJECTIVELY, this rampant inflation, disruption of the U.S. supply chain, and the shuttering of literally hundreds of thousands of businesses under the guise of a relatively innocuous virus that rides the coattails of the cyclical cold/flu seasons, is a calculated, intentional attempt to bring this country to it’s knees.

  30. What is the Republican plan for dealing with the pandemic?

  31. Biden youre going to be remembered as the WORST President in American History.

  32. MY oath of enlistment('71) pledged me to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic-and that includes people like you joe biden!

  33. I wonder how much FJB paid those people to sit behind him and applaud when the prompter said "CLAPPING". Remember those placards at the old vaudeville shows???
    "APPLAUSE" for as long as the Sign Bearer held up her Banner.

    But Joe doesn't have volunteer audiences…just like Kamala had to pay kids to come to her NASA gig. He's been bribing folks for years to support him. The money comes from a few sources, but the actual number of people who stand with him is scarce…even before his poll numbers dropped below D-Level.

    They just don't have the personality, let alone the policies…to draw the public to their productions that are simply pandering for political purposes.

  34. Leftists demanded and got a requirement for a vaccine card and photo ID to eat at restaurants in New York City and elsewhere but no such requirements to vote? They don't even hear their own ridiculous hypocrisy. So they are racists wanting shut out minorities from restaurants then? You need a photo ID for everything: getting the vaccine, getting a job, driving, buying lottery tickets, tobacco and alcohol to even getting welfare, but they don't want to require one to vote? Why? Their welfare constituents have to have one just to get their welfare so what's the big deal needing that same ID to vote?

  35. Peanut butter or chocolate?

  36. That's why momma socked it to the Harper Valley PTA

  37. Hey Gutfeld, where is Hunter?

  38. Who's? That's embarrassing Fox. Can't even grammar properly in a title.

  39. Who's side are you on? I'm on America's Side!


  40. Isn't odd that those people who are sitting behind him was handpicked for show of faux support and unity…..

  41. Why when people see the stock markets crash . Bitcoin and cyber coin gained a lot f steam .

  42. The only president who slept his way into the white house with the dead man's vote.

  43. Look at all the sheep behind him clapping.

  44. Com’on man, he said “pass it now”. 😂

  45. Thank you Steve

  46. Im on Gods side.

  47. Perfect example of the lunacy: 1619 Project author Nikole Hannah-Jones, who promotes a fictionalized – and thoroughly debunked by historians – account of history, has gone on record saying she doesn't understand why parents should have a say in what their children are taught. After all, if you had a say, you might reject the "new and improved history" she invented to satisfy the woke political agenda. Heck, you might even demand academic standards be upheld, which the same woke political agenda now declares to be white supremacy. To resist is to be labeled a racist, bigoted, insurrectionist and they are preparing to punish you for the crime of not obeying.

  48. Jim crow Biden asking what side you are on.
    We are on the Americans side….