HAALAND MADE A CHOICE AFTER EL CLASICO?! Erling chose between Barcelona and Real Madrid! DONE?!


HAALAND MADE A CHOICE AFTER EL CLASICO?! Erling chose between Barcelona and Real Madrid! DONE?!

Wednesday Matches Overview

First, let’s talk about yesterday’s matches! Chelsea defeated Tottenham in the second leg of the English Carabao Cup semifinal – 0:1. The only goal was scored by Antonio Rudiger. The Blues won 3-0 on aggregate and reached the final!

The Italian Super Cup brought us another battle between Inter and Juventus! The Nerazzurri won 2:1, with Alexis Sanchez scoring the winner in the 121st minute! Just like in a movie!

Well, speaking of great movies. The thriller of the day became Spanish El Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup semifinals. Vinicius opened the score in the 25th minute, but the Catalans responded with Luuk De Jong 15 minutes later. The game was pretty close and intense until the 72nd minute when Karim Benzema scored and unleashed a real war out there.

And yet, last minutes’ siege from Blaugranas was successful as Ansu Fati, who’s back again, scored from a header 7 minutes before the end of regular time, thus taking the game to the extra time.

The game kept the high intensity for the additional 30 minutes, during which Federico Valverde came to the forefront for Real and decided the outcome of El Clasico, scoring after a rapid counter-attack in the first half of extra time. 2-3 at the end – Los Blancos head to the finals.

Ancelotti and Xavi had a dispute after El Clasico
El Chiringuito

Despite the defeat, Barcelona got more positive press after the game, and the Catalans’ head coach Xavi admitted that his team played better than Real Madrid.

“We are very angry and upset. We dominated Real Madrid, who were just sitting back in their own box. Barcelona were better in this match. We lost, but got rid of our complexes,” El Chiringuito quoted Barca’s coach.

Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti, however, strongly disagreed with Xavi’s words and gave the following verdict on the game:
“Does Xavi think that Barca dominated? This is not true. The match was equal and we deserved to win. ”

“We knew it would be difficult for us, but the game was fun and we enjoyed it,” Ancelotti said.

Real Madrid become favourite for signing Haaland
ESPN, Gianluca Di Marzio, Toni Juanmarti

Erling Haaland’s transfer saga is underway! According to the latest info from ESPN and journalist Gianluca Di Marzio, Real Madrid have become the favourites to sign the Borussia Dortmund superstar.

The royal club will focus on Haaland immediately after they sign Kylian Mbappe, whose generous contract, by the way, is already prepared at Real Madrid.

In addition, the sources provide an interesting remark: Los Merengues are ready to abandon their secondary target – Chelsea centre-back Antonio Rudiger, as they’re gonna be fully focused on signing Erling Haaland.

Catalan journalist Toni Juanmarti has in turn his own version. He claims that Barcelona maintain a leading position for the Norwegian top scorer, albeit Blaugranas still have to find the money for this huge transfer.

As for Haaland himself – his goals remain the same – the 21-year-old Norwegian wants to be the leader of the project, and Real Madrid won’t be able to guarantee this because of Mbappe. That’s the reason Barca remain the perfect choice for Erling.

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  23. to hear Xavi say we dominated the entire match you could understand if they lost 1-0 & it didnt go their way but with a lucky 1st goal and conceding 3 goals that could of easily been 5 or 6 and had to keep coming from behind how did they dominate excuses for a club that just received their 5th straight classico lost then the Barca fans we are kids
    tersteg 29
    pique 34
    busquets 33
    alba 32
    alves 38
    depay 27
    poor form from Xavi trying to take away from a team that beat him

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