Hitler HATES Doge Coin!


Wow! If you enjoy much love! 🙂 DGhcBiopyoUJ1K59LzewgAn81ry3pDeKGo

*Meant in good humour*

Hitler HATES Doge Coin!


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Responses (43)

  1. They saw the future

  2. Millions of people are buying DogeCoin now!

  3. This was a conspiracy all along.

  4. I wish I saw this clip when it came out.

  5. Lmao doge really pumped!

  6. Dogecoin:makes it to the moon
    Also dogecoin:next up is mars

  7. I wish I bought dog coins when i heard of them 4 years ago.

  8. “Follow shib” 🤣😂

  9. im german and i have kinda problems to connect the subtitle with the audio i understand (lol)

  10. when you're german it feels different to watch it lmao

  11. Haha Barry is Hitler

  12. So Crypto. 🤣

  13. It's insane how well this aged. I wish I would've got in when this video came out

  14. bitcoin:exits
    Dogecoin:hahahha now your dead

  15. This meme gets me every time. Edit: it’s a meme within a meme hahaha 🤣

  16. To the moon! 🚀

  17. What a coincidence that here it says everyone wants to go the moon, while in the erb elon musk vs mark Zuckerberg rap battle, elon mentions the moon. In real life elon mentions doge coin. Coincidence I think not

  18. I thought this video was just made. Dam it’s 7 years old and this is happening right now

  19. furysnowball


  21. Bloodclot in a German-Jamaican accent is what he's saying.

  22. May 2021: SpaceX will send a satellite to orbit paid by dogecoin

  23. Youtube is a time machine. It shows us the future though videos and memes.

  24. Daaam 7 years ago!!

  25. Slumdoge-Millionaire, dis killed me

  26. Whoever made this is a freaking genius 🤣😃, to the moon 🌘🌝 we go.

  27. Omg bro the last part throw me a bone the script for this is so good 😂😂

  28. Great video, aged well. I have made so much $$$ thanks to Doge!

  29. We we going to the Moon 1$

  30. Uploaded 7 years ago

  31. $0.74 7th of may 2020

  32. Sub to Final Stand and let's take it to the Moooooon!!!!!

  33. 2021 here we go 🙂

  34. Sorry fuhrer now doge is 1$

  35. can someone tell Hitler it's never too late to buy Dogecoins lmao