Hoge Coin Is The Best Meme Coin GEM TO BUY NOW! Hoge Finance 100x Incoming!


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  1. 1$ in the end of this year

  2. Hoge isn't just a meme coin.
    Hoge is a MOVEMENT.

  3. Hoge has a brilliant dev team and community

  4. Thank you for your video

  5. Loading up every month cant have to little hoge

  6. People write off tokens like hoge because they don’t understand the movement behind it. It started the deflationary meme token craze and has a bunch of use cases lined up. Being the only true community token, it’s both an experiment of what can be achieved together as well as a great investment into the future of DeFi. Don’t miss out on this true gem. Don’t let the naysayers fool you with baseless misinformation about hoge

  7. Hoge is a great pick. Love it. If you really do your research, it's got so many things going for it compared to others.

    It's got the flattest wallet distribution of any DeFi token (so it's dominated by only a select few people)

    It's on the cutting edge of idea generation – for instance it was the first coin to kick off the memecoin space race with the idea back in early April

    It has strong usecases coming in the form of an NFT marketplace and a crowdfunding/charity platform

    It is the only one if these meme tokens with a legal position with the SEC, and an established legal entity, along with being fully Certik audited

  8. Definitely holding a bag, keeping bringing more HOGE videos. 🙂
    HOGE is a sleeping giant, for sure!

  9. Once the Hoge coin count goes under 100B, a move towards the $1 mark begins.