Hoge Coin! The future of crypto is here! 1% burnt and 1% redistributed defi coin.


Hoge coin is a new alt coin with a hard cap that is bound to make a lot of millionaires! If you want to buy hoge but need help let me know. cryptomafia100@hotmail.com

Buy HOGE at



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Responses (49)

  1. Crypto Mafia

    Hi guys, I’m doing a 1 ounce silver bar giveaway ever month! If you want to enter go to the Crypto Mafia discord and look in the Crypto Mafia News room. It’s only for channel subscribers!

    Crypto Mafia
    710 Main Street south
    P.O. Box 88
    Southbury, ct, 06488

    To enter the silver bar giveaway, just mail a picture or anything you think is cool to Crypto Mafia! I would like some stuff to hang on the walls of the hoge room! Anything hoge related would rock! Make sure to include your YouTube name so I can verify you are a sub, then one month from the time we get the first piece of mail I’ll have the drawing live on YouTube and send out the 1 Troy ounce silver bar!

  2. jason kaan

    Hoge is going to the moon, fantastic Devs, great team getting bigger all the time, and an amazing community. Respect to my hoge family #hogearmy !!

  3. Alem Kahrovic

    i bought yesterday my first 173k hoge coins from whitebit. Now i want to transfer all my coins to trust wallet, but the fees are just mad, ludacris… over 60000 !!!!! Anyone can help`?

  4. it will go to the moon, watch out 👀

  5. BigGuy86ed

    Was able to use Trust wallet to purchase Hoge through uniswap and the Hoge is growing in the Trust wallet…

  6. Robert Hofmann

    $HOGE will take off this week. Do you have insight / recommendations for big ass monitors like the one you have? What model is that? I am currently looking for 32" 😀

  7. Video Maker

    whats the best place to buy eth (like 20 dollars) without paying such high fees

  8. Ned egt

    LOL, Yeah right, I've heard the same about NEO, XRP, XML, ADA most recently, and now HOGE?
    Folks if you really want to become a millionaire you need to start to do something about your education.

  9. Reich Reiner

    Idk i feel like this coin can easily get to 0.05 this year

  10. Андрей Маринич

    This thing has still a lot of potential

  11. Ameen Zindani

    Where u buy it

  12. armando lopez

    Can I buy it on Binance.US?

  13. I Jwhit

    Can you use Coinbase to buy this?

  14. Louie Baltazar

    Getting some right now

  15. Crypto-Investor

    Be careful, it has an anonymous team, they can do an exit scam whenever they want.

  16. Bruce Bradly

    where do you see the live trading.. 55mil holder here for long term…..

  17. can you buy in the united states? im in florida

  18. Anish Prakash

    500x in 6 month for sure when it gets listed on one of the top 10 exchange.

  19. Wisdom is Weapon


  20. I got it on WhiteBIT. First bought some Tether then exchanged it for hoge and I find it much cheaper than paying those ridiculous ETH gas fees on Uniswap. Also, Coinbase wallet here.

  21. Jerry yang168

    go to the moon man! you're the king keep pumping !

  22. Ultra Sound Money

    Coinbase wallet gets the 1%. Watching it go up by the minute

  23. Suaizin

    How long does it takes from Uniswap to Metamask, I’ve been waiting whole day

  24. Jett Vincent Sia

    Any chance you can give instructions on how to cash out? From Hoge to Fiat and bank transfer?
    And maybe a cheap way to buy Hoge without ridiculous gas fees XD

  25. Jack Thompson

    Today 7500!!! Woow lets goo buy buyyy HOLDD

  26. TheTanMan

    just got 5 million yesterday

  27. Kendall

    Holding for long term. I agree it’s definitely an interesting coin. So glad I got in on feb. 26. Let’s go to the moon fellow Hoge Holders! 🚀

  28. Jack Thompson

    How can we sell hogecoin and where? Can u sell on uniswap for eth?

  29. Yandi ツ

    I bought some Hoge today, I have about 1.3 million Hoge

  30. Justinevo

    what do you predict hoge to be end of april

  31. Will Tripp

    Coinbase wallet works

  32. kib1337



    We are all retarded holder 🤪🤣

  34. joe francis

    Been saying it all week Hoge for the win 🚀🚀

  35. PacoTaco0404040

    5 Mil is the make it stack. Nice energy btw.

  36. TheRealBigWill

    Do this coin have any utility ?

  37. Simon Handley

    This is possibly the scammiest thing I’ve ever seen. Bogus and pointless coin, copied from a joke coin which was never meant to be anything more than a meme, a whole comments section of bots shilling and scamming and some bloke sitting there pretending this is a serious project. This is where regulation into the space is needed

  38. Lou Lei

    1) Don't advertise where you store your crypto. Metamask is considered a hot storage wallet and is not that secure.
    2) Don't tell people how much crypto you have. In the unlikely event that HOGE reaches ridiculous prices, malicious actors will know exactly how much money you have and where.

  39. appie chiko

    Make more video's like this on Hoge

  40. appie chiko

    I bought easily on whitebit using USDT.

  41. Amazing!!!!!

  42. Klaas Slump

    Can i buy it on whitebit?

  43. The Weekend Warrior

    The headache it gave me to try and get it was all worth it at the end of the day

  44. Bustavegas

    I bought HOGE with ETH on my metamask lol but i don't know how to get HOGE on my metamast.. I see the transaction but when i search coins HOGE isn't listed.. Can anyone help me?

  45. ashmedai91

    Hoooooge lessgo, already exploding. Imagine how nuts it'll go with more listings on other exchanges

  46. Sam Bowler

    Hoge 🚀🚀🚀

  47. King of fun

    Do a vid on BTT

  48. Alfred Team

    moon is only the beginning, save this comment 😉

  49. maky f.

    Good video man!! Well explained!