HOGE Coin: Ultimate Crypto To Protect Yourself From Inflation (Buy In 2021?)


A deep analysis on hoge coin (2021) & it’s future in the crypto world.

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DISCLAIMER: It’s important to note that I am not a financial adviser and you should do your own research when picking stocks to invest in. These are just some of my viewpoints, by no means would I recommend watching one YouTube video and then immediately buying that stock. This video was made for educational and entertainment purposes only. Consult your financial adviser.


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Responses (43)

  1. Top 5 exchange coming, brace yourselves

  2. Should make a new hoge coin video as an update.

  3. Baby Hoge just launched and going parabolic

  4. I’m still holding but seems I’m holding around the highest cap hoping it reaches a few cents or I can at least get my money back

  5. Bruh stop scamming people you fraud

  6. Holding for a while still I paid more on gas fees then I ever even made not even half of investment back very risky considering they have all these billboards and advertisment I think Shiba is a better flyer!

  7. You may want to look into PitBully on Pancake Swap. Jake Paul mentioned them on Sunday at the Bitcoin conference. The token just launched and has a super low market cap with ridiculous tokenomics. Starts with only 250B tokens with a 50% at $100M market cap! Should only be around 60B tokens left after all burns, which is obviously nothing in a world where other coins have a supply of 1,000 trillion.

  8. The developers burned half the supply at the beginning. So we’ve only burned another 91 billion in the past 4 months. While the burn rate is high rate now. As the price goes up, the number of coins moving in each transaction will get lower. So the burn volume will go down over time even if the overall value of transactions increases. Once we burn off more than 999.98 billion of the supply we will finally be at max supply of bitcoin but I think that will be many years in the future. Also remember that we can transact in fractions of a hoge when each Hoge is worth over a $1. I’m excited to see how the burn rate progress over time. Great video. Thanks for your deep dive into Hoge.

  9. I bank with $Hoge way better place to stick my savings than any of the big banks.

  10. They burned £500 billion as a single burn as part of their roadmap do the maths, it's here for the long term

  11. hoge hoge hoge hoge hoge hoge hoge

  12. Hell yeah HOGEEEE!

  13. Hoge absolutely to the moon

  14. Hoge to the moon baby! 🚀

  15. He really started the vid with the word "Supposebly"

  16. Legit project with a legal entity and certik audit can only go up🚀🚀also I believe half the supply was burn on creation to prove the concept

  17. $hoge to pluto 🌚

  18. 4 year professional trader here, $HOGE is a beast. It's got all the right junk in the trunk.

  19. Hoge is a long term smart investment. Go HogeNation

  20. Where I'm currently at if hoge hit 1 cent I made 47k . I'm gonna hold hoge

  21. A lot of love for Hogecoin. I’m from California.

  22. this guy isnt very smart. He clearly has not looked at it. They have not "burned 500billion" in an organic sense. If they were to burn 500 billion coins at a 2 percent transaction rate in JUST A MONTH…….. the coin would have to be worth TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS. People like this shouldn't make videos against coins like this. It just hurts reputation. This guy is a shill. There were so many things he said that were in correct and i barely made it half way though. He mentions that this is THE ONLY DEFI CRYPTO CURRENCY OUT THERE? oh… my… god…. Uni token? billions of market share???!?!??!!! SAFEMOON…. BILLIONS OF MARKET SHARE….this guy needs to do his research a little more.

  23. Hoge to the moon!

  24. I am very surprised that this channel is 'SHILLING' this type of asset. BIG dent now in the reputation of cooper academy for me.
    If you must invest, buy low, with a small amount that you're willing to lose.
    I'm still sticking to genuine projects with solid fundamentals thanks 😉

  25. I just bought Shiba Astronaut it came out yesterday. Market cap is 70K, I put $500 into it. Let’s see where it goes. GOD bless us 🙏🏻✨

  26. It like Jordans and PlayStation if it's a limited supply the price goes up. Like lumber it's supply and demand. People willing to pay more for it then it's worth like art and nfts

  27. Barstool collab, first meme coin to get a Certik Audit, athlete influencers, 62k holders, donations to shelters and 1st responders, this video is good but need to DYOR.

  28. You're asking great questions! Keep digging, I think you'll find your answers leave you pleased. I have a few HOGE videos on my channel if you want to take a look. Nice video!

  29. 500 billion were burned at the beginning for tokenomics to work. Only 91 billion has been burned via trading over the past 3 months. Over time as price increases the number of tokens burned will decrease as less tokens are transacted AND only a percentage gets burned. In other words, over time the burn will slow down

  30. HOGE has a great memeing community, I love it 😛

  31. Half of coins supply burnt at lunch. Go HOGE

  32. You are absolutely right. Long run is $HOGE

  33. I believe HOGE burned half of the circulating supply at launch so really only about 91 billion have been burned from actual transactions with hoge since launch.

  34. Most of the burn was a dump into a burn wallet. The group dumped 500 billion coins right away. So the actual burn amount from transactions is a much smaller amount.

    As the currency deflates, the modest small burn rate will effect the currency much less. Once the currency is traded into the pennies or dollars, the transactions will be much smaller, resulting in much less burn.

    So while something might cost 1 million HOGE today, a year from now, that same item may only cost 100 HOGE. Burning less than 1 percent of a 100 HOGE transaction is a miniscul amount.

    But the main reason why there is such a high burn is because literally 500 billion tokens were burned in the beginning through a single transaction.

    Also, the wallet distribution is very small. I don't think there is a wallet holder holds more than 1.5% or thereabouts. As the coin approaches a penny and beyond, many of the holders will be liquidating. The supply of HOGE will be fluid and people will not need to hold so many tokens for value. The value will be so much greater that the demand for millions of coins by a single holder is not required. As a payment or as an investment, I can have a transaction for less than a single HOGE. Imagine transactions for less than 1 HOGE because we do not need so many to conduct a transaction. These are the tokenomics.

    When the supply becomes less, only 0.6% will be burned per transaction. That will not have a lot of impact to supply with a higher value per coin and if there is demand for the currency, small amounts of HOGE will be worth a lot.

  35. Hoge is the third largest memecoin in market cap below only to doge and shib, when it reaches the market cap of the billions we will see at least a 20x from here. I'm very confident in the community and the top notch devs, Hoge is life.

  36. HOGE TO THE MOON! Excellent tokenomics, Certik audited, doxxed-developers with university educated talent like researchers and scientists. Hoge is definitely going places!

  37. PAPPMobile Token big move coming very soon📈

  38. Pappmobıle Papp token will be the next big thing but unlike other Coins, it is here to stay with actual utility and an amazing community! 🔥