Hoge Finance army staying strong


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  1. Billboards are live in Vegas in 16 locations. Top 10 exchange coming, community raised over $125000 in funds in under 20 hours for listing. Should be announced this week. US exchange coming in the next 6 weeks. Great job, welcome to the community! Realistic price in the next year 5 cents in my humble opinion.

  2. We have a billboard coming up in Vegas soon and we are coming to American top 10 exchange by the end of June. I feel sorry for whoever is not holding HOGE.

  3. It’s a long game, maybe it will take 5 years to reach a cent but honestly tho try to look into shib. I experimentally bought 50usd worth of it and honestly it went up by 7 because I bought it at a consolidating stage. It fluctuates from 50 to 57 in my account so I can only imaging somebody putting ten grand and seeing som 1k jumps but I hear they have big plans coming up. Look into it and let us know what you think. I know u ain’t no financial advisor or anything but your insight would say something. Plus over 50k people on edge looking for updates. Win/win